Kotobukiya – With You~Mitsumete Itai – Itou Noemi – 1/8 PVC Figure

This figurine brings back some memories and not from its origination either. This was one of the first figurines I bought and it was the only figurine I have ever personally bought at a festival. Not a huge festival or anything special to me in particular, just the one held in our town Calgary, Otafest. I suppose I should point out that when I say one of the first figurines I bought I do mean one of the first 50. All of the early figurines I purchased come with memories of joy at just having a figurine, something that is sadly lost over the years. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the ignorant collector I was 4 years ago…


As I mentioned, this was bought at our yearly festival in Calgary Alberta, I cannot remember what I paid for it but you can be damn sure I paid significantly more then I should have. When you go to a festival however, you always have a certain amount of money you’re willing to toss out and this was basically on the last day, so I kinda had flex room. The figurine was done by Kotobukiya, which at the time I remembered seeing on a few of the boxes in my house which at the time meant it was good because I liked figurines and they made them :). To be honest, Kotobukiya is a company that I respect at this point, its pretty rare that I snag a figurine from them and are disappointed overly in any way.


Most of the time here I can talk about what made me get the figurine and my motivation towards it, however I can tell you with almost 100% certainty I bought this figurine because it was one of the only scaled figurines being sold there at the time and it was from a company I have purchased from before. For this figurine being released in 2008, I really do think it had a good job done on it. The figurine itself is just so fucking cute. I have a weak spot for the whole cutesy clutching dress to you because someone walked in on you while you’re changing look.


Long hair? Check, Petite body? Check, cute panties? Check, embarrassed blushing face? Check. Yeah this figurine is fucking awesome. Even sitting out with all of our other figurines we display it always catches my eye and I have to stop and look at it. The semi transparent slip she is wearing is super cute, I wish my wife had one like that.


Sadly I should talk about some of the lesser points of the figure. I dislike talking about stuff like this on a figurine. I don’t like having to be critical of things and a part of me has died that I cannot help but notice things anymore. I’m unsure what the process was for creating these things back then but by today’s standards it is just not up to par. You can see quite a few seems on it and mold lines on all the connecting parts. The texture of the PVC on parts of the body seems to be slightly marred. There is also obvious joint marks on both of her arms, one right at the elbow on her right arm and on just up the elbow on her left arm. It almost looks like they should be removable and in fact might be. I personally don’t make a habit of trying to remove something that looks removable. Leave that to the wife, then I can blame her if she breaks it.


All and all in the end, we all get figurines because we want them, even if something is flawed in some way we will still get it as long is it makes you smile. We do not collect for personal gain so we can sell our figurines, it is the farthest thing in our mind. We collect because when we look at our collection it makes us smile. This is one of those figurines that reminds me of why I do that in the first place. As always, thanks for reading and following, let us know your opinions and I’d honestly be interested in knowing some of your first figurines as well beyond the people that already review them, you know who you are ;).

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