Alpha Max – Kamisama no Memo-chou – Alice Pajama ver – 1/7 PVC Figure


Today we’re going to review the Kamisama no Memo-chou figurine Alice.  As you can see from the title, its her pajama version.  This anime was a little hit and miss for me, I cannot say that I was a huge fan of it, however it would be doing it a little injustice to say that I didn’t like it, because I did in fact like it.  It was lacking on the action sort of things and some of the characters seemed pretty cookie cutter but all in all I did enjoy it.  Alice was obviously one of the high points of this anime and I am not really sure if I feel this figurine really did her justice or not.  This figurine was done by Alpha Max, we do not really have a lot of figurines by this company mostly the ones from Fault and the one terrible Subaru from Mayo Chiki <don’t buy that figurine>.  All and all however, I don’t dislike their work.


A nice full sized shot of her gives you basically the whole thing in perspective and I would like to highlight some of the things I enjoyed about it.  I should point out that I have randomly decided to sort of change the way we do the reviews, I feel that the previous reviews were more wordy and did not allow for enough of the excellent shots of the figurines to be here.  The main reason we come here is to look at the figurines and to get a little bit of info about them along the way.



 There is something about her face that I just don’t really like.  I would have to open the anime but to see her in such a pose without some angry expression on her face just seems a little wrong.  She seems to have an almost quizzical expression on this shot which I suppose could be turned into an instant rage when she figures out that  Fujushima walked in on her and didn’t bring food or more Dokupe with him.



A nicer shot of her favorite drink Dokupe here, I found it so amusing that she drank something like that holistically the entire anime, it reminded me of my Dr.Pepper obsession when I was younger.  I was pretty pleased to see that they went far enough to have it in the figurine. Definitely bonus points for that.



This mildly bothered me… which is a lot more then I would of expected but they did sort of sexualize her in this figurine.  Of course me being the fan of the lolis and the flat chested tsundere girls one would assume this would please me greatly, however this just doesn’t have the right feel to it… although it is still greatly appreciated it.  Alice with her smooth curves and excellent mid drift and short pants… very cute very sexy.



Had to get Dinara to get a bit of a different angle on this so we could highlight the bears a little bit more.  Bears on PJs are just way to damn cute >_<.



Something that I don’t like on any figurines but again is just a taste thing, are the stockings like this.  I realize that it is a necessity in order to do them like that, however I just am not a fan of having the textured look of cloths and skin which then moves into the glossy look of how they make stockings.  It ruins it a bit for me when I look at it and it’s almost like they’re made out of rubber…



With her obsessive love of her stuffed animals, it was surprising to see that they only included the one in this.  It would of been nice to have a few others to just litter around on the base but I suppose it is functional to try to hit on as many aspects of her as you can while keeping it focused.  It was nice to see that they have this in here… although I would of rather seen the crazy fish or whale one <_< haha.



Everyone that comes to the site and actually reads the reviews knows that I always have to touch on the base at some point.  This base is a little odd, it feels a lot sturdier then an average base and thicker.  It has a very smooth texture to it and also very rounded edges.  The design on it matches nicely with the figurine and I like how it has the English “It’s the only NEET thing to do” on it.  All in all, its a good base but doesn’t really go out of its way to dazzle you.



The last thing I really wanted to touch on was the hair.  I thought it was done well, it has a good look to it, it’s spread out nicely and has a good flow to it.  Even on the head, the hair seam is hidden rather well and from far away you probably would not notice it. 



 Final thoughts on this figurine, I was a little bit disappointed but in reality, my expectations were much to high, there really is nothing wrong with this figurine.  For Alice is sculpted well with quite crisp lines and showing more skin then completely necessary.  I can say that this figurine is nice, I would recommend it to a fan of the show and even to a standard collector it does make a nice piece in our set, we do not have very many cute girls in PJ’s drinking Dr.Pepper knockoffs holding a teddy bear.  I’ll have to say this figurine is a win in my books and will probably be sitting on our display shelves for a long while before it is put back into its box under the stairs.  As always, we appreciate you guys and gals coming to our site to see our figurines, if you have requests or comments please direct them below, in the meantime, here’s another AMV as per usual. 

3 thoughts on “Alpha Max – Kamisama no Memo-chou – Alice Pajama ver – 1/7 PVC Figure

  1. I’m still rocking back and forth on this figure; I did actually have it on pre-order once, but because they pushed the release forward two months I had to cancel it.

    I mean, she does look nice. I like all the little details like the soda can and the bear, the pajama’s are complete freaking win (I have a thing for them) and she has a good sculpt in general. On the other hand, you’re right in saying the face isn’t the best and, well, I thought the show was kind of underwhelming. Not bad, but it didn’t leave much of an impression either, besides Alice, that is.

    At this point, she’s pretty much a ‘maybe I’ll get her someday’ figure. Those pictures sure are alluring though…

    1. I like her a lot more then the other figure of her that came out with her sitting in front of her computer.

      But yeah the bear PJs are really awesome. 🙂 I would totally buy a pair.

  2. Love the short shorts and midriff baring tanktop! But yeah…those stockings do look slightly rubbery. Your photos of her emphasize a lot of the details I might not have noticed at first glance. I definitely have more appreciation for the figure bases after reading several of your reviews!

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