Alter – Black Hanekawa – Bakemonogatari -1/7 PVC Figure

Bakemonogatari and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship.  I really did enjoy the first season but Nisemono was really… lacking to me, to be fair I never did finish it however but to me, that just morso means how much I didn’t enjoy it.  Dani is always saying she wants to finish it but the series kinda fell into the whole over the top ecchi kinda stuff to me…. Not that I don’t like that kinda stuff? I just did not enjoy it in this series all that much. 

 Dispite my dislike for large chested women, this figurine is damn sexy right from the start.  I was very happy when we got this to see the quality of the sculpting and the attention to detail as well as the pose.  There is a lot of things I like about this figurine. Key point being, she’s a cat girl.  Staple Nyaa Figurines figure right here people =p.


I wanted to talk about the post of the figurine first.  I was pretty excited to get this and its a little rare to get something when I am excited for it and be very satisfied.  The stance the figurine has looks like it was ripped right out of the anime and you really do not see that enough.  Its not just some standard post, although I can’t really see them messing something like that up… this is a very ummm … Posey?… figurine?  Anyways excellent pose.


 Huge fan of her face, I love the ears and the eyes, she just looks so delightfully evil in this picture… And not the good kinda evil, the bad kind, like she wants to bat you around like a mouse and then chomp your head off like one of my cats does…

 I won’t post all the pictures that show it you can see them in the gallery but I really love the detail on the hands and feet, the way the claws come out is just crazy awesome…. bonus points for the adorable cat PJs I love them.


 This is a better shot of the base, its on a slant which really helps to show the dynamic pose she has.  I really gotta give it a huge thumbs up for that alone even people that come down to our place and see the figurine normally comment on it.

 All in all this is a great figurine for our collection and its actually a little surprising it took us so long to actually review this.  We actually were talking and I was like “no we already reviewed this” lol.  To end this up I think I’ll just put this awesome AMV in here hehehe… 



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