Kotobukiya – Steins;Gate – Makise Kurisu – 1/8 PVC Figure

Oh shit! The figure review! I almost forgot! >.> I was so enthralled with making my bees in Minecraft that I totally lost track of time and forgot about the post…. good thing I had taken the photos earlier! haha   If you wanna play Feed the Beast Minecraft just comment if you are interested and we’ll let you know our information. Don’t worry Kurisu is here to save me!

This was another figure of my friend Lurna. Kurisu is from the anime Steins; Gate, a series that I regretfully have not finished. Bloodfrost got sick and tired of watching his favorite character die over and over again so he refused to watch any more. We do have the Good Smile Company version of Kurisu, but the Kotobukiya version is not something that I could ignore either.

The one thing that makes this figure awesome are the gears that Kurisu is sitting on. They are easily the first thing that you see when you look at the figure. They really make this figure unique, while doing a god job of being related to the series as well. Surprising to me they are not actually circular, the are more oval in shape. It’s not something you can really tell from pictures alone.

Like our version of Kurisu she is just beaming with happiness, from what I saw in the series I was hoping for a little bit more emotion. She is far from a happy-go-lucky excited character, but she didn’t go around looking like her dog got ran over for the first half of the series. Because of her unhappy face this figure makes her seem down right depressing to be around. Though we DID stop watching the series because of how sad it got…. so I guess I cannot really complain about it….

I really like how they did her legs, the stocking look great and her legs just seem to go on forever! They also did a great job with the boots.

I feel the did a pretty sloppy job with her shirt and the cuffs on her jacket. The lines are just not done that well. You can really see how chunky the vertical lines down her shirt are, seriously Koto? You think this is how her shirt should have looked like on the front?

Of course she comes with her cellphone, its pretty well detailed for how small it is, and I think they did a decent job with making it all rusted looking.

Kurisu doesn’t have much of a butt on this figure. I think I like how her butt looks better in the version of her that we have. Oh well, it’s not really a big part of this figure unless you are looking at her from a weird angle.

All in all I think this is a figure you should buy if you are a Steins;Gate fan, and especially if you are a Kurisu fan. If you are not really a fan of either I cannot really see any reasons why you would get this figure. It is a nice piece, but it’s not an amazing figure that I would break the bank for, probably why we do not own her.

And remember if you wanna play  some Feed the Beast Minecraft just comment if you are interested and we’ll let you know our IP and all that jazz. ;D

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