*NSFW* Alpha Omega – Queen’s Gate – Alice Designer’s color ver – 1/8 PVC Figure

 So apparently I cannot get enough of my Queen’s Blade figures since I just had to do Alice today. She was a figure I was really excited to get and we have had her for a while now but she just wasn’t reviewed! So here is my take on this figure!

So this figure is a Hobby Japan exclusive, being the Designer’s color verion. The original figure is of Alice with her regular colors, but I just loved her black twin tails and the red coloring way to much! I had to get her. Bloodfrost wanted the regular version, but in the end I won. I have boobs after all, you can’t say no to boobs, so Bloodfrost says. lol

This figure has so much detail, I just love it. Even her garter clasp is detailed and the pulling on the stockings too… its awesome. And she has cute hair demons haha

Her post is different then your average figure, I cannot think of another figure leaning over like this. Not to mention they make her pose pretty sexy with her lack of clothes, I don’t really think I need to say more.

And her weapons are pretty awesome. I cannot say how accurate they are to the game but they did a great job with the detail on them.

Alice, being from Queen’s Gate, is cast-off-able. They did a pretty good job with her shirt seam, you cannot really tell with it unless you are really looking hard.

Being flat chested, and unfortunately because of her pose, you cannot really see her boobs even when you take off her shirt. But I like the job the sculptor did on them. She also has a pretty nice mid drift.

One of the only things that bothers me about this figure is the way her tail attached to her… back? It doesn’t look like it is in the right position, and the skin color part kinda looks creepy in my opinion. haha Though I assume if we human’s had tails it wound probably look something like this.

Over all I think she is a sexy figure that looks great, I couldn’t really ask for much more. Her colors and overall theme work really well together even if she isn’t the original colors. And I think any fan of Queen’s Gate would love to have this figure, or at the very least her original colors one.

To see more pictures of this figure visit the Gallery!

Here is the opening to the game, it’s pretty ecchi FYI.

One thought on “*NSFW* Alpha Omega – Queen’s Gate – Alice Designer’s color ver – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. I think I prefer this version of black/red colors too rather then the original one^^” Sad that it’s an exclusive, kinda reminds me of an exclusive figure I wanted but wasn’t able to get it early this year.

    That’s some pretty flashy details. The weapons are pretty cool too and from what I can see, it does quite resembles the original^^

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