Good Smile Company – Vocaloid – Hatsune Miku – Cheerful Japan! Support ver – 1/8 PVC Figure

Well this is a bit of a special surprise for us.  Our friend over at Animodling in Calgary had a few of these Miku figurines and sold us one.  At the time the preorders for this figurine came out we were REALLY strapped for cash so we had to take a pass on this =(.  Happy days however we finally did manage to get it… I suppose in the end we do almost always get all the figurines we want EVENTUALLY <_<… kinda the perks of being married with a wife that also loves collecting figurines and we don’t go out that often so we save our money and just get figurines hahaha…

This is a super cute figurine, I remember Dani talking about it and how much she wanted it when we first saw it.  To be perfectly honest? I was not 100% sold at the time… probably was another figurine I was more obsessed with.  However after a bit I must admit I got caught up in the hype as well.  I am personally a huge fan of almost all Cheerful Japan stuff, its all super adorable.

I really like the way the hair was done on this figure, it’s layered well and has a really good flow, it really adds to the whole “jumping into the air” aspect.

You can see a lot better on this picture but near the ties in the hair you can see little sprigs of hair sticking out. 

I should point out, one of my wife’s figurine collecting friends showed her the panty shot when he first got it and I can still remember her coming to me and exclaiming “omg she has ruffled panties they’re so cute”… The first reaction to any normal person should of been “why were you looking at her panties” … but we have a little bit of an understanding.  They are pretty darn cute panties, however I would of rather seen blue and white striped… ah well.

Of course you know I need to mention it but the base for this figurine is pretty damn impressive.  The uniqueness factor of it is pretty up there, it really makes it stand out among the other figurines we have, as well as the fact that I personally like to imagine she is cheering for the wife and I to get more figurines! GO FIGURES GO!

There’s just something about this cheerful face that literally brightens up my day, its almost impossible to be negative while looking at something so adorable >_<.

It’s not all good however, at least in my opinion..  Her choice of outfit is a little bit meh to me, I do like how she has a hoodie on but the front of her shirt being transparent a bit in the middle there? I’m not a huge fan of it. Actually the entire top I can say I’m not a giant fan of… but again that’s really just opinion.

This is probably the only negative thing I can think about with this figurine in terms of construction.  It is of course possible that only ours is like this as well.  However, the figurine does have A LOT of wiggle while on the base.  It doesn’t seem right since the metal does fit in snug… but she does shake a lot when you move her <why you would be wiggling a figurine is beyond me but I figured it was worth noting>.


All in all, we’re super happy to have this figurine in our collection, I’m sure many of you can relate to acquiring the figurine that “got away” at some point, as well we did get a wicked good deal.  Personally I do not think we would of dropped the 250-300$ you see this selling for on ebay, it’s just not THAT special to me at least… however what it was worth when it was being sold was fair enough.  If you do get the chance to buy this for a reasonable price, I would recommend it as its unique.  However for the current rates? you would have to be a pretty hardcore Miku fan.  So in closing, I leave you with a live concert footage of Miku… because I kinda like this song =D.

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