Ascii Media Works & Good Smile Company – Tenshi – Angel Beats – 1/8 PVC Figure


 Today we bring to you our angelic dandere girl, Tenshi.  From the anime Angel Beats and immortalized in PVC by Good Smile.  When this figurine was first slated for release, I must admit I was a little but dubious as to if we wanted to get her or not.  We did already have a Tenshi figurine… But then I saw some pics of her with no clothes on and I was sold.  Sadly… there was no cast off features on this figurine.  I was more than a little dissapointed and to be frank, that was not the only dissapointment this figurine has to me.


While I would never go nearly as far as to say that I dislike this figurine, it really was more a matter of us trying to be a LITTLE bit more thrifty with figurines this year as we want to go back to Japan again next year so we were passing on “maybe’s” and such.  I do love to see my beautiful angel smiling but for some reason to me it just seems a little off.  A part of me is happy to have a figurine of her in this mode however because all of the stories in Angel Beats were so tragic that it is a little nice to see a smile… and she is beautiful.


You cannot see it very well in this shot but I believe this was the best I was left to work with.  However you can see a pretty obvious seam in the side of her blouse/dress…thingy…. WHAT? I don’t female cloths!  Anyways, it seems to me that would of made a nice spot to… you know… maybe.. … take… the … cloths off… but fine whatever… jerks..  


They could of hidden the molding seam in the front of the dress/shirt/blouse thingy imo better… but It’s not like I’m a figurine designer so maybe there was some reason they were unable to do so.  Either way, a nice close-up of the outfit is called for mostly because I really do like the way it flows.


And taking it down a little lower to see the rest of it.  Gotta love those nice sexy hips… it seems to me that Dani could cosplay Tenshi pretty well… hmmmm *lost in thought*…


Gonna touch on the last disappointment I had with this figurine.  You never really know what to expect for a base with a figurine because it seems that they will change them all the time… But I must say i was left more than a little disappointed with this generic base.  Some of the bases in our Good Smile figurines are works of legend in my eyes and to receive something as lackluster as this for the figure was definitely a disappointment.


While I am disappointed about a few things with the figure, I still have to admit that she does make a striking display.  There’s just something about the wings and her stance and just the overall flow of the figurine that catches my eye and just basically makes me smile.  That in essence is the most important thing to me about any of the figurines we collect, does it make me happy to look at.


The wings fit in with the hair incredibly well and I had VERY little issues trying to get it all together.  I know a lot of the time doing minor piecework with a figurine like this involves a lot of “omg omg am I gonna break it?”. But on this one, I was able to take her head off, get a good grip on the wings and just plugged in, then place her head back on afterwards.  Quite easy to do.


Obligatory upskirt shot from the wife again… clean white panties I guess that goes with the motif so far.


All in all I’m not that upset we have her, we did have a chance to back out because the request for payment went into my wife’s junkmail folder and she never saw it for… almost a month actually.  It wasn’t until I kept bugging her about Saber that she noticed it finally and made payment… I suppose we could of just ignored it… but that’s not really our style anyways.  Tenshi is one of my favorite characters from the show and I don’t regret this purchase, I just wish it was more, I expected a lot more… I was actually let down for one of the first times by Goodsmile….  Ah well, lets end this off with one of my fav AMV’s.  Thanks as usual for reading and visiting everyone! 

2 thoughts on “Ascii Media Works & Good Smile Company – Tenshi – Angel Beats – 1/8 PVC Figure

  1. I don’t mind the base, but I was also quite disappointed that it wasn’t really a cast-off.

    My major disappointment, however, was that some of the blue paint from the hair on mine seems to have rubbed off onto her left shoulder at some point. It’s kind of annoying.

  2. That sucks, i did that with a figurine of ours a little while ago trying to remove some parts of it. It was a nudie one and i like, rubbed the nipple so it looks a little weird <_<…

    Still cant believe it wasnt cast off -_-…

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