Good Smile Company – Black ★ Rock Shooter – Dead Master – 1/8 PVC Figure


Oh Black Rock Shooter Dead Master… Why have we not talked about you yet? Why you say? Because I forgot that we had not already done it.  Sorry about the post being a little late this week, I had a few personal things to take care of this week.  Regardless here we are with another beautiful figurine to talk about how could we ever get sick of this!  As you can tell this figurine is done by Good Smile Company and is sculpted by Kawagoe Hiromitsu who also did our original Black Rock Shooter and our lion nendoroid of Saber.


A stunning figurine from both front and back I was even more excited about this one then I believe I was for Black Rock Shooter herself, I was not let down.  This figurine nails all the aspects that I personally like to see out of any figurine. Interesting and dynamic pose, good clean molding lines, excellent paint job and interesting and unique base.


The way that the figurines from this series have their eyes have always been something I enjoyed.  The intensity of them is striking.  It does make me wish that we had watched some of the animated counterparts to these figurines, or even played some of the games.


A little difficult to see in this picture but the scythe cutting into the base is a huge jaw drop for me on this base.  The way they can connect the base to the figurine with such a simplistic way blows my mind, I’ve always thought that base and figurine need to be one together and others do it with the addition of fluff or even fake grass.  But to have it done to this extent just makes me jump up and down with joy.


A little bit of a better shot of it is necessary.


The character herself doesn’t really pop out but her animated pose really does draw the eye to other aspects of it.  The scythe that shes holding and the skull that seemingly seems to be floating above her hand with an ominous green glow to the eyes.


With all of these things in the figurine, it’s very easy to miss the little wings coming out of her back as well which I find to be very cool.


She also has drill type hair… which…. drill hair? common, that’s pretty awesome…


Sadly she’s wearing pants in this figurine, so there will be no up-skirt shot for Dani to take… however that apparently didn’t stop her from trying…


Overall very satisfied with this figurine, it’s rare that I get over-hyped for a figurine and when we get it, it meets all expectations.  It’s difficult for me to find flaws in it just because the entire concept and flow of this figurine speaks out to me.  Most if not all of the figurines from this series are actually quite good, while we do not own them because of either financial issues at the time, or just raw dislike for the style of the figure, I do hold this series of figures in high esteem.  With that said, we’re gonna wrap it up again here for another week at Nyaa figurines, here’s an AMV for you all to watch in the meantime, hope to see you all next friday for another review! Thanks again as always.

More pictures of this figure:

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