Good Smile Company – Fate/Unlimited Codes – Saber Lily Golden Caliburn- 1/7 PVC Figure


A figurine that we almost purchased while we were in Japan for almost 400$ got re-released by GoodSmile shortly afterwards in celebration of their 10th anniversary… well that sure worked out!  This figurine was basically the sole GoodSmile figurine we were missing to complete our collection of Saber so I was pretty damn stoked to get this.  I’m not going to go into a heck of a lot of depth in this weeks figurine feature because to be honest the figurine REALLY doesn’t stand out very much in comparison to the others.


The most noticeable thing is that Dani decided to do an outdoor shoot of this figurine today, probably because we laid on our deck on the wood for like 15 min staring at the sky when she got home from work… The second noticeable thing is that this figurine is BASICALLY just a saber lily without her armor.  It’s a very clean figurine and in that for me was its failing.


It never ceases to amaze me how oddly attractive Saber is… I’m not sure if Dani ever posted anything maybe sometime we can do a feature on some of her cosplays but she has the perfect body to cosplay saber.  She did Saber Lily the one year then she did the equivalent of Caliburn afterwards.  Gotta love the side view…


It always amazes me how much they can make Saber articulate in her figurines.  It’s one of the most unique things about them and to be honest, it is really the thing I love the most about them.  Her poses are so animated and life-like it would not surprise me if she just suddenly came to life because I unwittingly made a contract with her by purchasing all 5 of her figurines…. *waits*….. *waits*…. damn I guess not…


I was a little disappointing and it’s not surprising now that I think about it, even Dani was surprised at my opinion.  I thought that the dress would be a little bit more… textured? I suppose?  In reality however I’m unsure why I should be surprised that it turned out the way it did, I can literally take the Saber Lily figurine and look at it and it’s basically the same thing.  I suppose I have unrealistic expectations of every Saber figurine we get… but can you blame me? They’re all so good.


I suppose it wouldn’t be right for me to not post the upskirt shots that Dani always does… *cough* pervert *cough*.


Detail on the sword sheath is pretty good, about what I would of expected nothing more nothing less.


Here’s a random shot of the box goodsmile sent it to us in… I’ll be honest, if I didn’t know that this was Saber and that GoodSmile sends me boxes like this I would of assumed it was fucking anthrax or a bomb… It… I…. .. I don’t know who the fuck GoodSmile gets to send out their shit… but my god they have some issues with boxing.  Take it from the people that receive 1-2 boxes a month from Hobby Search… these guys did NOT pass boxing class.


I love the cloth on her arms like that, it was probably the best part of the outfit… it adds a little bit of delicacy to itself.


She does make a damn sexy figurine… Makes me wanna force Dani to cosplay her again this year but I doubt she’d be down for it as she did it very recently… instead she’s doing a very VERY sexy Inori cosplay.  That’s all we got for this week folks, lemme go snag an AMV from my list… Sadly I have not been following them as much as I used to but we’ll get something going here.  As always, thanks for reading and posting and all that good stuff, we love to hear from you all check out the gallery for all the pics and if you could comment on if you like the outdoor shots or not? that would be great… suggestions of course are welcome.

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    1. Ehh but I don’t have any good photos. I haven’t done a photo shoot of any of my cosplays >.< I doubt you wanna see shitty phone camera pictures.

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