*NSFW* Griffon Enterprises – Senran Kagura – Mirai Take Me Home Ver. – 1/8 PVC Figure



Mirai here was completely an impulse buy. It was something along the lines of Bloodfrost going “It’s my birthday we need to buy her” and “She’s a loli cat girl I can’t say no to here” And thus Mirai was preordered and joined our collection.


Now I know nothing of Mirai, she is from a series called Senran Kagura, and there are some pretty nice figures from that series that I would love to get my hands on. But since I haven’t watched the series, and most of the girls are fairly well-endowed Bloodfrost isn’t interested in getting them.


Mirai was done by Griffon Enterprises, and truthfully I thought we would never get another Griffon figure again. Bloodfrost and I are not really fans of Griffon figures, they tend to have off faces which generally turns us off from all their figures.


But with Mirai it seems between her eye patch, her long bangs, and the face that we know nothing of her, her face looks just fine to us! In fact I love her little “o” mouth, though it would have been nice if it had a little more definition or a darker color.


Not so surprising given what little I know of the series, but she comes with a different torso sans-lingerie.


She pretty much has nothing on her, you can barely see her nipples, they didn’t really try to hard with this. We won’t be displaying her this way since she’s about as detailed as Ink.


Though you can see her garterbelt this way, she doesn’t have a bit of a gap along this side of her above the belt.


Over all Mirai is a cute figure, her cat eared lolita head band is adorable and she is sitting on a box. But I wouldn’t say she is an exceptional figure in any way. If Bloodfrost didn’t whine so much  about her I wouldn’t have ordered her. She’s not a bad figure at all,  she’s just not a great figure. Cute can only go so far in my books.

Now I leave you with Mirai owning people with guns.

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