Max Factory – Hasegawa Kobato & Takayama Maria – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 1/7 PVC Figurines


It’s a double feature today! YAY!  Our two totally delicious loli cat girls from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai…. Well I suppose they’re not always cat girls… but in this instance they are! What better form could you have for a figurine.  Figurine was sculpted by YOSHI, who has done a few of the figurines we own, he has done my favorite Kuroneko figurine hehe and one of the Nia Teppilin figurines we have as well.


While we are going to be doing 2 different figurines I do plan on speaking about them in general together. They are a set but at the same time not a set, we did have to buy them individually.  I personally anguished over this for a long time, I think I floundered 4-5 times about getting them.  While they’re lolis…. and they’re cat girls! which should be INSTANT win in my eyes.  However, I have this deep dark secret… … I don’t like bunny girl shiny outfits >_


I suppose I should talk about the only unique thing in the 2 figurines that differ between the two Kobato has her … freaky weird little stuff’d animal.  Yup its there, it’s pretty weird…


Takayama does not really have anything super unique about her but she does stand out with her white hair and the shade of blue used in her cat suit is … weird to me. Her pose is damn adorable however but for some reason her eyes kinda freak me out a bit O_O…


They are nice figurines, they just really don’t do much for me.  Sometimes I know we buy figurines because they belong in our collection and this is the case with these ones for me.  They’re cat girls, they’re lolis, they’re from an anime that we both really enjoyed.  Here is my typical pervert wife’s butt shot of them for you to enjoy.



It seems a little weird to see a loli in an outfit like this, its rare to see a flat chested girl in one of these skin tight shiny suits and i have to say, it really does look kinda weird.  They just don’t fill it out but to me that is a bit of the charm of figurines.


Omg there’s something about a cat girl figurine… with the cute little fang and… oh… oh god… those eyes… O_O….. moving on…


Overall the sculpting of the figurines is good, what I would of expected from Max Factory, however iIwas not a huge fan of their hair.  It seems a little flat and I do not really like how it’s a little glossy on the top of their heads.



The addition of the ribbons tied to the base of their tails is a nice touch.  There is a lot of blandness to the figurines at first so its good to see them bump it up a little bit with a few features like the doll and ribbons and wrist bands and so forth.  Without those these figurines would really be boring.


In the end these figurines are great for someone who likes that type of outfit, I personally feel they were well made and have a good flow and if I don’t give them a good rating Takayama will stare at me with her cold…dead…eyes… Naw but seriously they’re damn cute I wish we had a better spot for them in our collection as they are kinda squished in the back of our *cough* NSFW figurines.  However I think we might be ordering one of the new Kobato figurines so keep looking for it here.  As always, thanks for visiting and reading and commenting.  I leave you with this in honor of our flat chested lolis!


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