Happy 2nd Anniversary Nyaa Figurines!


Today is Nyaa! Figurines 2nd Anniversary! Thank you everyone for sticking with us for a whole 2 years! Sorry for no figure review this past Friday but in place of it I give you a new website design! I hope you guys enjoy it and please let me know of any issues or suggestions to improving the website!

 Aww what a good year it has been! Though we haven’t done anything awesome this year like go to Japan again. But we moved into our new house, bought a macro lense and got lots of new figurines! This year we spent a only about $300 less then last year… We spent $4114.78 on figurines but with shipping it was about $4700 for the year! >.> So much on shipping…

Here is what we got this year, how much we spent each month!

July: $254.35

 August: $555.49

September: $489.11

October: $550.88


November: $294.99


December: $440.73

January: $337.30


February: $97.60

March: $50.00


April: $437.96

May: $506.63

June $99.74

 Overall we spent over our budget again haha but we hopefully going to do much better next year!

Taking a look at our stats we have had a lot more people visit our website! Below is a look at our monthly page views for the past year. May was our best month this year with 10,921 page views, but our best day of the year was June 17th with 1202 page views! We also reached over 100,000 total page views for the year!!


Here is a screen cap of our most popular posts! Apparently everyone really likes our Tera review! And much like last year most of our naughty reviews are quite popular. I am not really surprised haha.

I don’t think I really have anything else to go over for our yearly review! Thank you all for visiting our website and I hope this next year we keep you as entertained as last year! Enjoy this random AMV!!


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