Max Factory – 7th Dragon 2020 – Hacker Chelsea Otaku Style – 1/7 PVC Figure


This week we’re going to highlight the newly released Hacker Chelsea from 7th Dragon 2020.  This is the second figurine we have gotten from this series and I’m pleased to say that it has not disappointing us in the slightest.  This was done by the same artist that did the other one, as well she did our Elsie figurine from The world only god knows.  Admittedly I do not know much about this series at all however I know Dani knows a bit, So I’ll get her to give a brief explanation of it.

Dinara – I dunno anything about this except that it’s a game with chibi’s and that Hacker is another word for Otaku or something…. >.> I have failed you all….


I am personally a big fan of a lot of the work that Max Factory puts out.  I still remember how Dani did not want to get the first figurine from this series (Samurai) but I was adamant about getting it MOSTLY due to the fact that it was from Max Factory… While I’ll admit “who makes it” doesn’t come into play nearly as much as it used to, I’m very glad that I was insistent on this series.  The detail on this figurine is very fine and was pulled off masterfully.


There is a decent amount of subtle things that would normally go unnoticed but when you sit down and give it a few moments of close scrutiny you can see there was a lot of effort that went into making this flawless.  The style is very similar to the first figurine but that’s to be expected since its not only from the same series but the sculptor.  A lot of “frilly” work.


The eyes are unique which is a big one for me and the detail around her collar and the frill on her shirt is done quite well.  Keep in mind with a macro shot done this close up, it’s pretty easy to see even the smallest flaw, the gift and curse of having close ups like this.  I think I would of liked to see a little bit more detail on the flower…


The base is the same as the other figurine but I cannot really fault them on this one, its textured and the paint job is fine, it does the job.  Frankly any sort of fancy base might take away from the figurine as it really is the true showcase here.  I love the way she’s holding her rabbit doll… the whole gothic lolita style of this figurine speaks to me.  Her lackadaisical way of holding her stuffed animal stepping on its ear and her stance is just excellent.


There is a real flow to this figurine.  Something we really enjoy seeing is a dynamically posed character who looks like she could come to life at any moment.  This is captured quite well in this figurine.  The way the hair hangs and her arm is outstretched with the cuffs of her shirt hanging down is just done really well.


A truly unique figurine in our collection, she stands out from a lot of our other figures.  The style of her clothing, her stance, and just the sheer oddity of it all makes this one of my current favorite figurines in our entire collection.  Sometimes I wish we would of ordered 2 of these, just so I could have one sitting on my desk downstairs… But I’d be too afraid that the cats would knock it over.


The doll… I’m not sure if I find it creepy or not at this point.  It’s surreal the way its hanging because I want to refer to it as “almost lifelike” but that’s just not the right way to go about it.  How could I talk about how lifelike something that isn’t even supposed to be lifelike… it’s a figurine of a stuffed animal… but the way it hangs there is just so perfect….




I wanted to toss up a few more pictures for the things I really enjoyed about this figurine.  As they do say, a picture is worth 1000 words and I’m sure most people visit the site mostly to see the figurine and not to hear my rambling anyways.


Well that’s it for this week folks, as always thank you for coming and visiting our site, comments and suggestions are always welcome as we do like to hear from everyone.  In closing an AMV as usual.

More pictures of this figure:

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