Kotobukiya – Sword Art Online – Asuna – Aincrad ver. – 1/8 PVC Figure


Today we’re going to highlight the new figurine from Kotobukiya Asuna from Sword Art Online.  This is timely release for us as Dani and I just finished the series last night.  I was overall pleased with the series, however I would of liked it to of ended halfway through instead of … I don’t want to say limping along because it still featured a strong story… I will just say I wish it stopped halfway instead ;). Great series for anyone who loves the MMO experience and hyper advanced societies I suppose.  Either way, we’re talking about the figurine not the show.  The figurine was sculpted by Nakamura Hirotoshi who has done a lot of shining hearts figurines and he has also done our Menma figurine as well… Not the Max Factory one, just the other Kotobukiya one.


The figurine has a good flow to it and its unique base makes it another standout figurine in our collection.  At first I was a little iffy on ordering it but I finally got around to starting to watch the show and quickly fell in love with her character.  She is the style of character that I just like.  I believe Dani actually placed her for pre-order as soon as we saw her available and it was just me that was floundering about it.


If you take the time to read any of our reviews you’ll know that something I am enamored with is figurine bases.  They really are under appreciated it and most of the time way to basic.  This figurine does take it to a next level and at the same time keeps it out of the “Flashy” category that others use.  This is a great base, it’s easy to assemble looks great and is functional.  Most important it feels sturdy.  A perfect compliment to the figurine itself as all bases should be.  Taking the time to incorporate the base into the figurine is an art in and of itself.


I keep thinking that her face looks a little weird… but after further thought I don’t think so.  She does have a little bit of a funny looking face… but it is fully accurate to the anime.  I just wish that we could of had a better smile on her face, I am a fan of the open mouth smiles and Asuna has a beautiful smile.


It’s pretty rare that we come across a figurine that I have zero problems with however and this one is not immune to this fact.  The silver detailing on her coat and mostly anywhere on her body to be honest is just not as crisp as I would of liked to have seen.  You do get a bit of bleed which is sadly magnified by the fact that she is sporting a mostly white outfit.  The fine detail and coloring on the figurine as a whole is however alright, this is just me being nit picky.  This picture does not show it as well as I would of liked.


Her hair is done splendidly, another great highlight of this figurine.  It has a great layered look and greatly adds to the life-like… … ness? of this figurine.  Asuna really does have beautiful hair…


A shot from the back is also required… again great job


Obligatory panty shot that my wife will always get for you guys/gals… Panties are a little meh but its Asuna, it’s what you would of expected


This figurine came pretty close to falling into the “figurine that got away” list and I’m quite glad that it didn’t.  I’m overall more then satisfied with the quality of this figurine and find the pose and overall originality feel for this figurine to be excellent.  If anyone is able to get this for their collection fan or not of the series, I highly recommend it.  For those of you that have yet to watch this series, I sincerely hope you do give it a shot regardless of the labels you feel are on it as it was a heartwarming story that I greatly enjoyed.  Satisfying ending as well.  I suppose this is the part when I get an AMV… … I … have been slacking and don’t really have one… <_<  … I ummmm… *smoke bomb* … *runs away*

More pictures of this figure:

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