Alter – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – Takamachi Vivio – 1/7 PVC Figure


Firstly, sorry for the late post this week Dani was out at the Calgary Stampede with some of her friends while I sat at home working and playing Cubeworld.  I could have sworn that we already reviewed this figurine but apparently it was just touched upon on the loligheddon and not a full highlight.  So today we decided we’ll do this because shes really cute.  The figurine was made by Alter as you can see in the title and it was sculpted by Tsumezuka Hiroyuki and this is the only figurine that we own the he made.


This figurine has a lot of things going for it that I love.  It’s going to be hard for me to cover them all but I will try my best.  First and foremost for some reason I just have this thing for duel colored eyes… it’s not even just for girls, just the duel colored eyes in general I love.  So when I saw that on this figurine and that she was a DFC and terribly adorable I knew I had to have this instantly.  Another blond figurine as well maybe they aren’t as rare as I once made them out to be ;).  I love the way her hair is done on this figurine the little swoop over her face with her bangs is just weird and I like it.  Not to mention she’s holding a cute little rabbit with a bag and a bowtie? Come on people!


Jumping to the panties shot this early? Yes that’s right people, we have blue and white striped pantsu here and they even have a little bunny at the top of them.  Maybe everyone doesn’t know but blue and white striped panties, especially tight like this is a special thing… very very special… LEARN IT EMBRACE IT LOVE IT!!!


Mini twin pony tails? check, Ahoge? Check… yup nuff said…. oh wait serious review stuff…  In the main bulk of her hair you can see it is actually got 5 extra pieces placed into it, I am not really a fan of this style of hair being done, I like to see it all in one piece if possible but realistically they did a decent enough job and most people do not display their figurines from behind.  Hair I find is generally an under appreciated piece of a figurine, unless its a main focus for the figurine itself.



More pantsu shots… just kuz I can.


The base for the figurine is plain but sufficient in my opinion at least.  While it is just a simple white base, they manage to make it stand out enough and get the point across.  I am a fan of this style of base giving you the information about who the character is, mostly because when people come and visit us and go “who is this” then I don’t have to answer.  You can also see in this shot her cute shoes.  Always been a fan of this style of shoe on any girl and they’re done well on this figurine.


The detail on the figurine is not perfect but it’s pretty rare that it is, however this figurines details fall well within acceptable boundaries here’s a rare shot where you can see her wearing the skirt… which in this case we will now refer to it as sexy pantsu blockers.  The sexy pantsu blockers in this figurine is nice, I enjoy how its almost flipping up as if it’s actually straining to allow you to see them all the time but some magical power is barring it…. sad


Overall I am glad we snagged this figurine, pretty much the only thing I dislike about it is her large over-sized eyes but at the same time, I personally feel that it fits with the figurine.  This figurine is adorable and is a must have for our collection, I would buy this figurine over and over again as this is a pretty close representation of exactly what I like.  I would of liked to see a little bit of a better base and the hair to be done in one piece but other then that I really like it.  Even its center of balance on the base is perfect….  This about wraps us up for another week guys and gals, as always, thanks for coming and visiting and leaving your comments we do love to hear from you all.  In closing here’s another random AMV from my library.

More pictures of this figure:

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