FREEing – Mayo Chiki! – Konoe Subaru – 1/8 PVC


As previously mentioned in a past figurine highlight, I did mention that we were going to be doing the set of these figurines.  I’ve already talked a lot about the series and how we recommend it to anyone that wants a good laugh and doesnt really hate the “harem” genre.  So with that said I will get right into the figurine.  The figurine was done by FREEing and was sculpted by Yoshino Atsushi  who has not done any of the figurines we own nor any of the others from this set.


To be straightforward and blunt this figurine does suffer from the same issues that most FREEing figurines have and the other from this series have and that’s fine detail.  It’s pretty easy to make a figurine look poor with a macro lenses so I do caution you to take what you see with a tiny bit of a grain of sand.  As you can see in this show however, there is a lot of color bleeding and general overall bad molding.


Again a little bit more of a closeup of it here for you to see… This is not something that you would really notice just looking at the figurine, unless you actually took it and held it and gave it a good once over.  It does bother me a bit but I knew full well when we were ordering these that this was going to be expected.


I don’t think that they capture Konoe Subaru’s Moe side very well in this figurine, which was disappointing to me.  The anime and the manga have her styled in a different way almost, or at least you would never really expect to see her making THIS type of face.  It should be cute blushy or angry punchy =p.  Something about this just feels a little off, while I feel that they did nail the look of our other figurine we did, this one definitely falls short.


Now with all the bad said, I still don’t dislike the figurine.  I will be the first to admit that a lot of my liking of this figurine comes from the fact that I love her character overall, we own 2 figurines of Subaru now and to be perfectly honest, none of them meet my high expectations.  I still do enjoy them and I’m glad we have them in our collection. Subaru is just darn sexy and they don’t really hold back on this figurine.  It is perfectly viable for her to be bothering Kinjirō Sakamachi with this exact pose and I can almost picture the explosive nosebleed that follows.


It’s a shame that the figurine doesn’t really capture the cute side of her because that’s what drew me to her the most, however it does not lack in catching the sexy side of her and to be honest? That’s kinda ok as well.  It might amuse some of you to know that we have all of our Mayo Chiki figurines surrounding Sanji from One Piece in his new world figurine. Since all of the Mayo Chiki figurines are quite sexy, we thought it would be a great fit.


I’m sure Dinara works hard for all the panty shots, so I would be morose to not include it in the actual post. Bright white panties people, I would of expected something cuter… but meh.


All in all I don’t know if I could in good conscience recommend this as a purchase unless you got yourself a nice deal on it, or you’re like Dinara and I and just enjoy having a character in your collection.  At this point in the game I’d say you would be hard pressed to find a better figurine that will be released, unless this series gains a second season or whatnot.  Either way we’re glad that we have this and any fan of this character of the show will still enjoy it.  As usual everyone, thanks for reading and checking us out every week, if you have any questions or comments let us know! We’ll see you all next time.

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