Gift – Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha – Fate Testarossa Swimsuit ver – 1/4 PVC Figurine


We’re back this week with a brand new large loli figurine for all of us to adore! Huzza! I apologize for the lack of figurine feature last week but hopefully Dani’s post of how our collections break our pocketbook every year was sufficient to all of you.  So for this week we bring your our newest figurine Fate Testarossa in her sexy swimsuit! Yay!


As you can tell from the title this figurine is done by gift, as well it matches up with our other figurine that we reviewed here.  They being a pair it was a requirement that we get both of them… of course them being delicious lolis had nothing to do with it right?…. riiiight….. This figurine was sculpted by Kondou Takayuki who also did our larger size Yoko figurine.  My initial impressions of it are good there’s nothing about it that I dislike right out the door.


Blonde hair on a figurine is something that you really do not see as often as you would think.  So when you do get a figurine that has blonde hair, for some reason it always seems to just stand out a little bit more to me.  So lets talk about the hair on the figurine.  Ponytails are always amazing, the double ponytail is basically 2x better then just the single ponytail but a side ponytail? Well that’s just a whole other ballgame there folks… good thing we’re just dealing with a double here.  The hair itself is done well, there is good definition to it and very little marring on the molding.  You do tend to get the imperfections magnified on a 1/4 scale figurine. On this one the 1/4th scale does not seem to hamper it much, very much so like the other one in the set.  The hair has a good flow to it and it does the job of bringing the figurine to the element you expect… beach.



A few details on this figurine really is what brings it all to me.  When we took it out of the box she didn’t have the pin in her mouth and she didn’t have the sarong in her hands.  The figurine is infinitely better with these 2 minor things added in, it adds expected motion to the figurine.  A figurine just standing there smiling is all well and good, but a figurine that captures the natural motions of its subject in mid stream always just seems to have a little bit more flow and depth to it.  The way she’s looking up at you as if to say “Why are you looking at me like that”… to which we all know why.


The figurine does have an overall lack of extreme detail I suppose.  I am very used to having the clothing on a figurine as not part of the whole mold… but in this you can see that the clothing or at least the swimsuit bottom was probably part of the original mold as there is no “butt crack” per-say.  It is filled in.  Possibly done on purpose? More then likely not.


She does have a sexy core however, it’s just an all around good figurine to go 1/4th scale.  Nothing that requires a lot of detail except for the curves of the body.  The detail on the strings in the chest area is a little lackluster as well but again, getting a 1/4th figurine you can almost always expect there to be a lack of specific detail like that.  This rates pretty high up there in my opinion for a good 1/4th.  Please note the sexy loli curves with the deliciously flat chest.



The addition of some accessories on the arms is always welcome.  I have always thought that tiny little things like that can really take a girl from just normal to something extra cute.  You see this done a lot in animation and I personally love it.  The detail on these additions is actually better then expected as well, not flawless but also not bad at all.


With the lack of panties on this figurine, it looks like the wife decided to go for the extreme closeup butt shot.  Very nice, you can see the swimsuit is tight as it should be, good work.


We had actually considered not getting these two figurines because as a general rule of thumb, we do not collect 1/4th size… but with the addition of the Sora No Otoshimono figurines we bought in 1/4th size and the simplicity of these figurines, we decided we could make some exceptions.  I am personally glad that we did make the exceptions and I think both of these figurines make great additions to out collection.  Anyone who wants to have a few more lolis <who wouldn’t?> or a few more 1/4th figurines in their collections, I’d recommend snagging these two, the prices on them were fair as well.

Well that wraps up another week of figurine highlight, I hope you guys enjoyed the pictures and the rambling I always do that seems to find its way in between the pictures.  If you have questions about anything we do here? send us a line and we’d be happy to chat or if you ever wanna skype with me or something, just leave your skype in the comments and I’ll hit ya up sometime.  If you didn’t catch it for some reason? Check out last weeks post for our two year anniversary that highlights how much money we converted into the form of plastic here, otherwise? Here’s an amv for you guys to watch… ENJOY!! =D

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