Alpha Max – To LOVEru Darkness – Konjiki no Yami Swimsuit ver. – 1/7 PVC Figure


Sorry for the last post this week everyone, the wife and I got a little caught up in some stuff yesterday and we just could not get around to doing it…. one would think we would be more responsible and have a backup review or something handy…. buuuut no we don’t roll like that ;).  Nonetheless, here is our figurine highlight this week! our sexy bikini wearing Yami from To LOVEru.  Personally, neither of us have seen this series nor read the series in any fashion but being huge anime nerds like we are, of course we’ve heard of it and seen probably all of the characters from it.  This is actually my favorite character in the series however I would rather she was in her loli form? She is still awesome in this form as well.


The figurine was done by Alphamax who I am actually really starting to come to like.  We have a few figurines by them and its pretty rare that they disappoint me.  I flip flopped a little bit on getting this figurine as I am loath to add more to our bikini girls collection but I had to make an exception in this case.


The figurine is pretty basic in and of itself but they did do a few things to try to liven it up a little bit.  Holding the book is a good start as it just gives a little bit more to look at then just a figurine in a bikini.  As well I enjoy the way they did her face.  Sadly I cannot comment on her expression as to if I feel it would be appropriate or not because I know very little of her character.  Admittedly I do have the series downloaded and I have watched the first 3 episodes of the first series but it seemed lackluster to me… Seeing how its developed really makes me want to just bite the bullet and watch it all… I get the feeling I would like this character.


All the talk of that aside, she is a very attractive figurine and makes a striking pose.  No nudity in this, which was… mixed blessings I suppose, we really do enjoy our ero figurines but the case where we keep them is starting to get a little full, so this one fits nicely in our bikini section on our shelf. 


More eye candy to look at, the curves on this figurine are very nice, black is one of my favorite colors <shade for all you nit pickers out there *cough* my wife> and it just makes a nice contrast with her sexy curves and smooth skin and blond flowing hair.  It’s definitely not a boring figurine to look at.


A nice backwards shot so you can see her hair, it has nice layering to it, it was done well.  Also the base is pretty sharp too.  Again black but this time with red, probably my 2 favorite color combination.  While it is a little boring at least you can tell they put the effort into it, it’s not just some fake sand or anything like that, I do appreciate the extra effort there.


I suppose it wouldn’t be To LOVEru Darkness if she wasn’t doing something lewd but I would like to think that this is at least a little tasteful.  Personally I like it, adds a rather “sexy” element to the figurine.  We’re gonna wrap it up here this week, as always thank you for reading and contributing to us we always love to hear from you, I will leave you again with a random AMV from my favorite list, thanks for stopping by everyone.

More pictures of this figure:

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