Good Smile Company – Bakemonogatari – Oshino Shinobu – 1/8 PVC Figure


Well looks like we decided to make our post a little bit late again, we apologize because this time it honestly was from mostly laziness, we had a friend over and didn’t feel like making him sit around while we did everything ;).  In apology for this we bring you the cute loli from Bakemonogatari Shinobu! YAY!!! *cheers*.  I was pretty happy about this figurine when we got it, mostly because it was TECHNICALLY the last figurine we needed to complete the set from Bakemonogatari at the time since the fire sisters were not really… main characters… yet… This figurine was sculpted by Yokota Ken who has also done one of my actual all time favorite figurines that we don’t own Tohsaka Rin … but that’s fine… it doesn’t bother me… at all… *twitch*


 Moving on from that sad event, as I mentioned this figurine is quite good.  There is a lot of subtle things in there for all the people that have watched the anime/read the light novels.  Inside the base, it has a piece of every character from the series in it in some way.  A really nice touch and considering how we thought it was going to be the last figurine from this series we got, it seemed proper.




Shinobu is sitting with an incredibly cute pose as well, I’m honestly a little surprised I do not have this figurine in my office with all of my other favorite figurines… But I suppose have a shelf dedicated to the Monogatari series and it would be a shame to try to separate them all.


It’s actually a little difficult to talk about this figurine because for all of its splendor it is basic in a sense, a girl sitting on a pile of doughnuts with pieces of everyone else from the series slammed into it as well… I will say it is a little weird seeing that arm coming out like that… almost… creepy <_<…


Not 100% sure if this was intentional however I doubt it was, there is ONE small thing about the figurine that mildly annoys me however and that’s how a lot of the doughnuts seem to not have a hole in them. I realize that something like that would of probably taken a lot more effort on their part but as it IS a Good Smile Company figurine, I say I generally EXPECT that level of detail in a figurine… So it was a little disappointing to see that in this.


The mechanics of the figurine work quite flawlessly as well I should add. The figurine itself just sits on the base, there is no peg to hold it in place however it fits snugly enough for my tastes, it will wobbly and move around if you shake the base so it is far from perfect, however due to its relatively low profile, there should be close to a zero risk of it falling over.  Just make sure when carrying it, you hold the figurine and the base…. not just the base.


Other then those two things I feel this is a really solid figurine, it really conceptualizes the entire series into one figurine which is something unique in and of itself.  Anyone who was a fan of this series or of adorable lolis would probably like this, if you can see this figurine for sale again I’d highly suggest picking it up.  As always, we do appreciate everyone visiting our site and reading our reviews.  Any comments and suggestions are always welcomed please let us know! In closing as usual, an AMV for you all. Since Shinobu is a vampire, lets follow the vampire theme with my current fav AMV! here you go everyone.


More pictures of this figure:

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