Good Smile Company – Nisemonogatari – Araragi Karen 1/8 PVC Figure


Sorry about the late post this weekend again <_< seems this is starting to become a “thing”.  At least we have a decent excuse this time 😉 Dani’s parents are in town as it is her birthday tomorrow and myself in my infinite wisdom basically forgot that we kind of do this figurine review thing every Friday.  So in apology we bring you a sexy Goodsmile figurine from a series we all love.


Personally I wasn’t super excited about getting the Araragi Karen nor am I about getting the other sister, Nisemonogatari I just didn’t enjoy as much as the first season… but how could we avoid getting a figurine to keep the collection complete!  Not to mention there is very little bad with the figurine other than the fact that its a little bit in your face big…  As previously mentioned this is a goodsmile figurine and it was sculpted by Tokunaga Hironori who has done a lot of our other Bakemono figurines as well as my favorite Saber figurine triumphant Excalibur.


That’s enough about the background of the figurine, I never really like talking about that stuff ;).  Lets move onto the figurine itself.  In typical Goodsmile fashion they make a darn cute face.  Karen was a pretty weird character in and of itself and I can honestly say that I never did finish watching this series <nisemono> because I just didn’t care for his sisters all that much.  That doesn’t mean I hated them, far from it.  I think Karen is incredibly cute and that brings me to that picture here.  I love the face and the like, half blush mark on the right side of her face, I think it captures her very well, there is so much potential energy in this figurine and with her just standing there hair in the wind and that look on her face…. the look, it just screams energy to me for some reason.


I had to show this picture because while I think the figurine itself is a little over the top, I just had to point out the reverse of it.  I don’t have a lot to say about this other than man is that weird.  Of course there really would be no better way to do this but it just seems really odd to have a flat back like that…


Karen has 2 forms all the same figure however.  She has her jacket off and she also has her jacket on.


The jacket fits on the figurine well enough that every time I handle the figurine I forget that its not part of it and it almost always falls off <_<.  Not to say it falls over OVERLY often, it fits snug enough for display reasons but not really for transport reasons. I’m unsure how if I like her better with or without the jacket… Karen is pretty attractive so it’s nice to see some extra skin.


The steamroller doubles as the base, which is unique and pretty darn cool, as previously mentioned I just wish that there was … a better way to do it I dunno, it just kinda stands out a little bit too much.  You can almost tell they took time to make it not stand out TOO much and its a fine line.  Do we have a figurine of a steamroller? Or do we have a figurine of Karen? Obviously Karen but it’s a fine line, I think they did handle it well.  Her right leg has a peg it sticks into but her left leg is actually left to just sit against the roll itself.  If she was moved around a lot I could see it causing a problem with just 1 point of contact… however for now? It works fine.


As you can see here Goodsmile went all out with this figurine as each one comes with a fully alive tabby cat, I’ve been warned that several of these cats are defective and piss all over your hats and shoes and mats and will meow incessantly unless you let them outside at ungodly hours of the night. If you received one of these defective cats you should call Goodsmile and complain as from my understanding they refuse to take them back… we should all start a petition.


That’s going to wrap it up this week for us, while I was not a huge fan of the series itself i do appreciate a good figurine and I do like Karen as a 3D model.  She fits into our collection of Bakemono figurines quite nicely <despite the huge steamroller> And while I can say I’m not waiting for the other figurine with abated breath, I will be happy when we can finally put the lid on this series of figurines. This week I decided I’m not going to put up an AMV… Yeah that’s right, what are you going to do about it? yeah that’s… o… oh… … . I see…. … .. well I’m still not gonna 😉 instead you get a song I like to listen to.  Everyone should enjoy their mix of rock/metal/bagpipes and such..

As always, if you have comments or suggestions let us know, we do love to hear from you all. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my ramblings and hopefully you enjoy! Thanks!


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