Galaxxxy & Phat Company – Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann – Nia Teppelin Magical ver. – 1/8 PVC Figure

Oh my freaking god, did this figurine seriously happen? It’s been what? 6 years since this show was released, I suppose it did recently have a movie adaptation but really? HELL YES!  As you can see today we’re going to go over Magical Nia and its good… its freaking great.  Now of course I do have a raging bias for pretty much anything TTGL related so we’ll try to keep this as subjective as you can possibly be…  The figurine was sculpted by Kawanishi Ken and was … made by 2 manufacturers near as we can tell, Galaxxxy and Phat Company.  We do have some experience with Phat, some bad but mostly good, but I do believe we have zero experience with Galaxxy.


Where to start with this figurine other than wow.  When Dinara first showed this figurine to me, I was actually flabbergasted, I cannot remember what I said to her other then something along the lines of GET IT GET IT GET IT…. GET IT GET IT GET IT…. Nia actually is one of the other characters in the anime existence that comes close to Yuki Nagato in terms of my favorite.  Dinara will always see her as the “Kamina replacement” .  While we all love Kamina and have a special place in our hearts for him… Nia is Nia…



The figurine itself is just unique, I enjoy the way they did the base of the figurine it is rather difficult to see in this shot but the stars you see shooting out? Those actually stick into the sides of the figurine and fit nice and snug.  The base doesn’t wobble at all and I feel its center of gravity is great.  Unique stand means two huge thumbs up.


Nia with her delicious chest as seen here, it’s kinda funny how erotic they made her look in this figurine as you would never ever think to see Nia in such a position, I believe that makes it all the better.  As you can see in this picture however, the figurine is not flawless… I don’t want to say something cliche as “far from flawless” but it does suffer from some of the things you see from the lesser known manufacturers.  There is a bit of marring on some of the coloring and a bit of bleeding as well. This is within acceptable range for me in my personal opinion however, its not exactly something you’ll see until you give a good close examination.


I do however like the way they did Nia’s eyes on this figurine… Nia’s eyes are one of the most important parts of her as its one of the more unique qualities of her character.  Also the freaking adorable pose she is in just… yeah this … I really love this figurine.



The figurine does also come with a few other things shown above.  I’m not a huge fan of the staff as I do find it a little… .. .. Weird… But hey, TTGL was never not weird, that was part of the charm.  Also as you can see it does also come with a
Boota.  However, in regards to the Boota, we cannot really find where it goes… under its belly it does have markings to make as if it does have a magnet in it? But I have yet to find its place on the figurine, if anyone does know? Feel free to send us a message.


No real pantie shot that we can offer this week however this does give a great view of her super cute pink and white stockings. Oh Nia…. so cute >_<


Figured I’d hit all of the angles on this figurine for you guys this week and show the back of her just in case anyone was interested.


All in all I was very happy with the figurine.  As I did mention there is a few seems and marring and color bleeds but this is to be expected with 70% of the figurines out there.  From a collectors standpoint and just the value a nice looking enigmatic figurine like this is priceless.  I had my parents over and on the display case with all of our figurines this was the one that they commented on, considering some of the impressive figurines we keep on that display case? I was a little surprised at first they mentioned this one… but when you think about it, she really does stand out in a class all her own.  As always thank you for reading and visiting, today I leave you with a clip from the TTGL movie Gurren and is my favorite part.  Thanks! . As well this does contain some spoilers, you have been warned!


More pictures of this figure:

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