*NSFW* Alpha Max – Skytube – T2 Art Girls – Saihate no Shirayukihime – Himegami Rikka – 1/6 PVC Figure



This week we are taking a look Alpha Max’s Himegami Rikka. She is based off the artwork of Tony Taka much like our two Fault figures Reika and Ai


My husband actually went and ordered this without even consulting me. Most people wouldn’t understand this, but since we have shared bank accounts and figure collections, we usually consult each other before preordering figures. And there are many figures just like this that he wouldn’t let me get >.> like the third Fault figure of Maya… so I was a little surprised one day when I logged in and found her in our preorders 😛


I was pretty surprised that he ordered this quiet well endowed Rikka figure since, as I am sure you know, he prefers the delicious flat chest variety of woman. ;D


Rikka comes with an apple that you cannot remove from her. It has a bite taken out of it, given her name Shirayukihime (she is a variety of Snow White). Her full title, Saihate no Shirayukihime, means she is actually the farthest from being Snow White. (Please correct me if I am wrong >.<)


The tips of her hair are semi-transparent. I feel its not really necessary with this figure. If it was done as one solid color I wouldn’t have been upset.


In fact I think they did a really great job with her hair. It looks very real and they did a great job with piecing it together.


One thing they didn’t do a good job on, at least with our figure, is her head doesn’t fit on all the way with her kimono sitting on her shoulders. It leaves quiet the gap. So that was pretty disappointing to see.


But I really like how her shoes were done. They look just like real lacquered kimono sandals!


She is a cast off figure, her panties come off from the tie on the left side of this picture.


Her left leg comes off at this joint, to help with taking her panties off. It comes off a little too easy for our liking. I feel like it could fall off while I was carrying her places.


Like the other figures by Skytube she is well sculpted down here. Not much to say haha.


 All in all she is a really pretty figure, hopefully not everyone had the head/neck issue that we have. I think anyone who likes the Tony Taka figures should definitely invest in getting Rikka if they didn’t get her already. And I present this loli AMV to satiate my husband. I assume he’ll complain there’s not enough loli’s anyways 😛   …oh but it’s kinda sad…  the AMW… just a warning…

More pictures of this figure:

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