Good Smile Company – Canaan – Alphard – 1/8 PVC Figurine


Here we are another week, let’s just pretend that we didn’t miss a post last week eh? No harm no foul? Right?… <_<


Because I have previously spoken about the anime I’ll cut to the chase on the figurine, which will make this a bit of a smaller review.  Much like in the last figurine there REALLY isn’t a heck of a lot different in this one either… We should have frankly done this review as a duo and originally like I said before, that was the intention, however time constraints and bla bla bla and my god is my monitor ever dirty…. brb Windex… Wow that was dirty…


This figurine is done quite well, the only major thing I can see is a little bit of bleed on the gloved hand that’s open on the palm going up the fingers.  other than that the details on this figurine are very good. 

The zipper is something that I look at and just kinda shake my head and really wonder if that level of detail was actually required.  Would anyone of noticed if they decided to make the jacket not a zipper jacket?… Yeah who are we kidding, people would of noticed and I’m happy to say it’s done well.


The look on Alphard’s face is just the key for this figurine to me.  I mentioned on the previous figurine that while it was an action pose it still didn’t give me for some reason the feeling of “coming alive” before your eyes… this figurine does come closer to that metric for me than the previous.  Most of it comes from her facial expression, you can see a genuine amusement almost in her face the same face she makes in the series as she toys with every freaking character.  Reminds me of Izaya actually… maybe they’re related to each other in some parallel world =p.


As mentioned before the figurine has good lines and detail, the base is the same as the previous figurine but I do think that this figurine is suffering from a bit of a lean… of course I cannot prove this without having something to match it to… its more of a gut feeling than anything.  She just seems a little loose in the base and maybe even too low now… It would be a shame if that was happening but nothing that can’t be fixed without a little TLC.


I have no gripes with this figurine we did get it just because we wanted to complete the set, I can say that I would of passed normally on this figurine if we didn’t want it for the set this is just not my style.  The character’s attitude, body-type and everything about her, except for the fact she has a gun, is just not my type. 


I don’t even really like the gun she’s using but honestly I would never tout to be knowledgeable about firearms anyways, I just have a sort of… secondary love of them probably because I’m a Canadian.  The figurine itself is more than adequate, but to me and my collection . This figurine does not fit my tastes.  With that said, the two figurines together still make a really nice scene for me and I do find myself frequently looking at these two figurines in our collection often enough that I regret nothing.  Well that’s all I have to say this week, as usual, thanks for taking the time out of your day to check out our site and my ramblings and our pictures. Any comments or questions are welcome. 

Here’s another random AMV

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