Vertex – BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma – Noel Vermillion – Dwell – 1/7 PVC Figure


Hello everyone, for this weeks figurine highlight we’re going to take a look at one of the new ones we got in the mail a few weeks ago. Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue.  I’ve been a fan of her past figurine from Hobby Japan but we never really did take the leap and buy it… no real reason I suppose other than the fact that we’re not familiar with the game. I suppose we are familiar with it, we just never played it… so take it for what it is…  This figurine is the first figurine we have gotten from the production company Vertex, from what I have seen so far we are pleased with what they have done.


While I would not say words like “stunning” or “exciting” for this figurine, I will use one word, sexy.  I know that I’m a flat chested fan but to be honest I am a huge fan of a nicely proportioned body like this, the tits on this figurine are just like… BAM there… in your face!  She has nice sexy hips as well with a removable skirt.  This is a pretty sexy figurine.



Now with all figurines of course I’m going to pick it apart just because I can.  There is a lot of small things with this figurine that bothered me a little bit but I will say right now that this figurine is quite good.  Dinara and I have started to become a little bit … more conservative when we order a figurine from a random company and I will admit I was pretty concerned about this one since a few other ones in the past were so bad that we don’t even display them… This is a great figurine and most of what I have issues with could just be considered their style anyways.


Probably the thing that bothers me the most because now that I have noticed it, it’s almost impossible for me to not see it anymore even from a little bit of a distance and that’s the yellow outlining around her skirt and … half cloak … thingy?  The yellow is not solid enough and you can see the blue paint through areas of it… It just makes for a less crisp figurine altogether I wish they would of double checked the colors or the paint or something… these items are removable I suppose and I am going to recommend to Dinara that we at least keep the cloak thingy off for now.



Aside from that point there and a few other small areas that are just a little bit less detailed than I would of liked to see, like her belt and the zippers on her boots, there really is nothing else bad to say about the figurine.  I am undecided if its center of gravity is right or not… It does look like displaying this figurine might cause for a bit of a lean over time… But it should be tolerable.



All of this aside again as I said, this is a figurine I can’t totally get behind, she has a rocking body on her and just an all around cool look.  She looks like she can kick some serious ass and I’ve always been a fan of the kick ass characters.  The base of the figurine is unique enough that it draws the eye away but not enough for you to look at it rather than the figurine itself.  The slant pose I could probably do without? It does almost look like she’s kicking off of something the way her leg is bending but again it does fit the mood.


The figurine is not going to be the best in our collection but I can say that it will almost surely be displayed always unless it starts to get a serious gangster lean… and that says something right there as we only have the room now to display about… 75% of our figurines.  Rather I suppose that doesn’t say much other than this is in the top 75% haha.  Well I’m going to wrap it up with that today a little shorter than usual but I’d like to think the pictures speak a little louder than words.  As always here’s a nice little AMV for you all to enjoy, thanks for stopping by and reading, if you have questions or anything make sure you hit us up!

More pictures of this figure:

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