Some upcoming figures to be excited about

There are a lot of upcoming figures that I cannot wait to get, and I know some people might be interested in them too. So here we go!


First up it Kotobukiya’s Kobato! If you missed her first one you definitely do not want to miss this Noble Blood of the Night version of her!  She is a Wonder Fest exclusive, but you should be able to catch her from Kotobukiya’s online store when she comes out!


Kotobukiya also has Yaya from Unbreakable Machine Doll, so if you love Yaya but weren’t a fan or missed out on Griffon’s version of her. You can cross your fingers and hope that this one to come out this year!


This amazing  piece of art is Good Smile Company’s Ciel Alencon from God Eater 2. I really hope that there will be a colored version of her at the upcoming Wonder Fest!



Good god Griffon! You really know how to hook me on figures, I don’t know if I can resisted 24 inch tall cat girls in swimsuits. We can only hope that the price for these two isn’t to terrible.



MegaHouse is pleasing the ladies with Aomine and Midorima coming out next in the Kuroko’s Basketball line of figures. I will probably have to get Aomine… >.> Kuroko and him are my favorites <3


Last, but definitely not least, we have High School DxD’s Toujou Koneko. It will be the first figure of her to be made and we are pretty excited to get her! We hope to see a draft of her in the next while!

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