Good Smile Company – Bakemonogatari – Sengoku Nadeko – 1/8 PVC Figure


Holy crap what is this? A figurine review, I thought we stopped doing that ;).  Nope we got a bright shiny … uhhh… well I suppose the review is new.  This week we’re going to review yet another figurine that I had assumed we reviewed in the past but for some reason we did not.  She comes from our Good Smile collection from Bakemonogatari.  Sengoku Nadeko!  This figurine was sculpted by Tokunaga Hironori  who has done most of the other figurines from this series by Good Smile.


The figurine is a little bit of an odd one, in the way that this one comes with a lot of different attachments. She can have her jacket, she can have her hat… well I suppose she doesn’t have a lot of attachments but she does have one super weird pose that honestly I do not like.


This pose is almost exactly why I did not buy this figurine, it did take a little bit of convincing from Dinara to get this after I saw this.  At first I said outright I did not want it because I assumed this was how the figurine was, however upon further investigation you could see that this was just one of the two poses available… DESPITE the fact that our death by embracing Kuroyukihime figurine does have something similar done… I really just do not like the way this was done.  Realistically it makes sense, there’s nothing wrong with it… there’s just something… that turns me off on it…



The base of this figurine is nice, it’s unique and stands out in our collection.  It’s things like this I love to see in a figurine the coloring for it and the display itself really puts the figurine into context. It works well with the colors on the figurine and compliments everything about it.  Something like this versus your just black or white plastic base with an emblem on it, it is just a night and day difference.


One of those rare figurines where the hat fits, without anything else other then the hat there.  There is no magnet or peg or anything, the hat is sculpted to be deep enough to fit largely on the head.  It is hollow, it is large and you can tell there was care taken into making it that way.  Normally you would just have a solid block of PVC with a little concave to it that would barely stay on, they went full bore on this one this hat is not coming off regardless of how much you shake it.


This character for some reason just never really jumped out at me in the series… I think it was just her overbearing sexuality that kind of made me dislike her but in this figurine you really do not get that vibe at all.  You can see her playfully collecting the leaves which is just super cute.  Figurines with assumed motion when pulled off correctly are some of my favorites.  While this one is not a shining example, I would be lying if I said I didn’t smile when I looked at her collecting the leaves with a huge smile on her face.  This is the reaction I should have from all of our figurines in our collection and as long as that happens it’s worth the purchase.


I really do not have much else to say about this figurine.  The worksmanship on this is on par with what I have come to expect with any Good Smile figurine and anyone collecting the Bakemonogatari series from them more than likely already has this figurine.  It was unique at the time due to the pose that had her “in water” and I’m sure a lot of people liked that.  While this was not my style, at least I can say we were given the choice of how we wished to display it and that’s what’s really important.  In closing I would like to apologize to anyone who was a long time reader of our site for our lack of posts during the holiday season and hopefully once Dinara and I get back from Japan one more time this year we will have the funds to allow us to buy the large amount of figurines we’re used to getting… However I’m sure what we still buy would be considered a lot by most of you.  In closing! Thanks again as always! Here’s another AMV to close it off. Happy new year!


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