FREEing – Mayo Chiki! – Narumi Nakuru – 1/8 PVC Figure


This week we’re going to highlight yet another figurine that I always though that we have already gone over.  Narumi from Mayo Chiki.  I’ve mentioned before that we both really enjoyed this anime so I won’t really go into it other than to re-iterate how I was pleasantly surprised by this anime.  The characters were all cute and likable and the storyline while predictable was at least mostly fulfilling.  This figurine is the final one we got for the collection of 4 released by FREEing.  This figurine was purchased mainly because it completed the set and we really do go out of our way in order to finish a set if we can.


This being the 4th one in the set all made by the same company we can really expect pretty much the exact same worksmanship on it.  However I do not believe that they were all sculpted by the same artist.  Needless to say This will not be a very long review I mention several times that I will let the pictures do the talking and in this case I really will.


One of the things I did enjoy about this series of figurines was just now nicely they all go together with each other.  We do have them all on display on our mantle above our fireplace and just for added effect since they’re all in sensual poses we have Sanji from One Piece standing in the middle of all of them with his trademark thumbs up and heart eye.  The spectral never fails to draw attention every time I see it.


This figurine in particular is probably my least favorite mostly because she was my least favorite of all the characters but also because the only real thing she had in the show going for her was that she was the glasses obsessed girl.  One would think that since she has cat ears I would be all over this? But realistically it just doesn’t have the punch that all the other ones have.


Nothing in particular stands out on this figurine as eye catching to me and at the same time nothing really stands out to me as a fault, this is a pretty generic figurine and as previously mentioned would probably never be in our collection if it was not for the fact that she was #4 in a set of 4.  I think I could probably sum this figurine up as “Spectacularly Normal”.


It has no base to speak of however none of them did, they are all just flattened on their bottoms… Which I have no real problem with.  The figurine balances well and I have no fear of it falling over and hitting the ground.  There is no real fine attention to detail in the coloring which is something I have really come to expect in a FREEing figurine anyways. 


In closing, by no means is it a bad figurine but by no means is it an exceptional figurine.  It’s a figurine that I would of still bought if I saw it in a store on sale? or Second hand but if this was not the 4th part of a set, this figurine would never of been a pre-order for me.  She does look good with all of the other figurines and I most definitely would of regretted not getting it so I am glad we have it.  We shall just leave it at that, as always thank you for coming and visiting, leave us your comments questions and concerns and as per normal, here is an AMV.

More pictures of this figure:

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