Alphamax – Shining Ark – Velvet Batrass – 1/8 PVC Figure


Good day everyone, hopefully you enjoyed Dinara’s highlight of everything from Won Fest, I know that I did! Some nice figurines coming out this year and the next that’s for sure!  This week we decided to take a look at one of the new figurines we got from Shining Ark, Velvet Batrass.  I don’t think its much of a secret that I am a personal fan of Tony Taka’s artwork and I do generally enjoy his figurines a lot as well.  One would think I would make more effort in trying to play this series but it’s such a hassle for a non Japanese speaker to bother with everything required to try to play them, so I choose to admire them from afar!


Out of the box I was a little disappointing with this figurine. I was kind of hoping she would be cast off and she isn’t but that really is not the only reason why I was a little let down.  The figurine takes up a lot of space but really doesn’t have a lot going for it.  The surface area that the base takes up really makes this figurine fall into the category of “is this worth displaying”… She’s definitely more than sexy enough even though she’s really not the kind of girl I’m into… I just find almost all Tony Taka artwork girls to be quite attractive.



Something that is super weird is that on her right side, she has a white stripe that attaches to her panties like a garter belt almost… but it’s only on one side? It’s not on both I am really just not sure what this is supposed to be but it honestly is making my OCD go completely off the chart right now I’m not gonna lie haha.


The lid of the chest does come off but there’s nothing inside.  I was kind of hoping to see like, some kinda fake gold lining you could place in it, or something… <Dinara: You can store her hat and skirt inside it!> but it really just is some kinda prop for her to sit on and I personally find it really boring.  Not to mention that the odd stance they try to make the figurine take by having the chest removable instead of welded to the base it makes it really hard to have her balanced on there. Don’t let me leave you with the impression that this is a major problem however, if this figurine fell over I would personally be shocked… It’s just not as stable as your standard figurine is all.


Of course with a few things wrong, comes the things that are done right.  First and foremost on this list is, the hat does have a magnet in it and there is a magnet implanted somewhere in her head.  I cannot tell you the amount of times Dinara a I have had hats or other accessories  fall off figurines just from us walking past our display cases. 


I absolutely love her blue eyes and the look on her face is quite striking as well she is nice and shapely.  I may not like girls with large breasts but I do love girls with nice curves and all of the characters Tony draws are very curvy.


I’m trying to think of more things that I really like about this figurine but to be honest it really is a lot like all the other figurines from this series.  I do really freaking love a short skirt like that, there’s just something about a super mini skirt like that <_<


All in all I can say that this is a figurine that will sit well when we eventually get more display cases and we can have a “Tony” shelf.  However for now? After we finish this review, I might recommend to Dinara to just put it away… I suppose we don’t have anything that we’re going to pull out of storage to put on display instead, so she can stay until we need the room.  There’s nothing really wrong with this figurine at all… but as I’ve mentioned before, this one does not pop out at me at all, I look at the big blocky semi useless chest and the huge surface area of the base and I just cant help but think that they could of done more with a character like this. To anyone who is a non fan of the series, I would probably recommend a pass on this figurine unless you can get it for a really good price second hand or something.  As always however, we appreciate you coming by and reading and looking at the pictures.  If you ever have any questions comments or concern’s we would love to hear from you.  Here’s a random AMV again to cap off the review!

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