Alter – Guilty Gear XX Λ Core – Dizzy – 1/8 PVC Figurine


This week we will be taking a look at Alter’s Dizzy from Guilty Gear! I will let you guys know right now that I really have no knowledge about her character, just that she comes from a popular game. I was really excited when she was released because I wasn’t able to get her during her first run. Now Bloodfrost doesn’t like her at all, he refused to review her. lol You’ll have to ask him why he doesn’t like her. But I’ll get right into why I like Dizzy 🙂


Dizzy’s wings are pretty much the whole reason why I wanted her. One one wing being a devil/death and the other an goddess/angel is just so awesome.





And I think they did a great job on them. How the characters actually turn into feathered looking wings at the end is so cool. I really like the detail on them. If you think about it, it is pretty much three characters merged together into one figure.


I would like to point out that Dizzy is just over 30cm tall. So she is a bit hard to find a place to display her. Her wings do come out and you could display her without them, but she would have two big holes in her back.


Dizzy herself has a nice set of red eyes and blue twin tails, I think they did a good job over all on her face.


One thing I did notice is that the paint job on the belts on her waist have some bleed on them. But its not something you can really see unless you are really look at them.


Dizzy comes with a HUGE tail! I cannot say I have seen any characters with such a big tail before. But I think it’s cute that she has a ribbon on the end of it.


Something else that I don’t really like, is that it looks like she has a package…. I think it has to be the sculptor style because Stocking has the same issue, and they are both done by Yagyuu Toshiyuki . WHY DUDE WHY?! わるい!ふたなり だいきらい!!


Anyways….  I can’t say I plan on looking at her upside down to often.. I will be to busy looking at her awesome wings and design to care to much 😛 If any of you had the first run, I would be interested to know if there are any differences between the two. As always thanks for reading 🙂

Oh and here is a random awesome music video… lol

More pictures of this figure:

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