Happy 3rd Anniversary Nyaa Figurines!


Today is Nyaa! Figurines 3rd Anniversary! I didn’t think we would make it this far, but here we are! We wouldn’t be here without your guys support!

This past year wasn’t anything super fantastical, but we received many lovely figures to add to our collection! Next anniversary we will have our trip to Japan that we will be taking at the end of the year, so we can look forward to that at least! But let’s jump into our year in review!

This year we spent 223,680¥ on figurines – that is about half of what we spent last year! Yay! We really were able to cut back, but we spent about 55,000¥ on shipping costs this year. This is more than last year, but we had some large figures like 7th Dragon 2020 Miku, the Araragi sisters from Nisemonogatari and Dark Angel Olivia.

Here is what we got this year, along with how much we spent each month!:

July 2013: 6,290¥


August 2013: 9,553¥


September 2013: 9,780¥


October 2013: 29,605¥


November 2013: 16,900¥


December 2013: 18,720¥


January 2014: 27,010¥


February 2014: 14,178¥


March 2014: 26,327¥


April 2014: 31,107¥


May 2014: 16,420¥


June 2014: 17,790¥


We did super good this year with keeping up with our budget. Hopefully we are able to maintain this for next year. Over spending on figures is easy to do if you don’t pay attention. Don’t run up your credit cards guys!


Let’s take a look at how well the website did!:stats-graph

Taking a look at our stats, we have had a lot more people visit our website, especially since I started posting to Reddit. A huge thanks for our Reddit readers! Last year, our best month only had 10,921 page views, but our best month this year was double that! Tuesday, February 11, 2014 was our best day this year with 4,147 views. 3,617 of those views went directly to our Winter WonFes post. Is everyone looking forward to the Summer WonFes post at the end of this month?


It’s not a huge surprise to see that the gallery is still very popular. I hope you guys enjoy our photos! I will do my best to improve on them. And obviously, the most popular post is the Winter WonFes post, along with some of our sexy, naughty ladies. ;D

Lastly, I would like to post the top 5 most clicked on figurine releases!:

  1. Sword Art Online Asuna New wife is always Yes Pillow Ver.
  2. Fault!! Saeki Ai
  3. Himejima Akeno: Bunny Ver.
  4. [Saihate no Shirayukihime] Himegami Rikka
  5. Asobi ni Ikuyo! (Nekonabe) Elis

Ahh, well it was a great year everyone! I hope you look forward to more figure reviews from us. You can except some more later this month, and of course our trip to Japan this December!

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  1. I am kind of anxious to see your coverage of Wonfes. I’ve only been into figures and anime collectibles for a few weeks now, and while it is an expensive hobby, that also means I can take purchases seriously and I can’t do that without sites like this and Plastikitty giving me a good look at anything being released.

    1. I cannot really say it is OUR coverage of Wonfes, I just assemble everything I find on it in one location. 🙂 But yeah, it is an expensive hobby but I really do love figures! I

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