Hatsune Miku Expo 2014 in Los Angeles


This month, Dinara and I did something that to ME at least, was bucket-list worthy. We traveled to LA to go see Hatsune Miku live. We had our reservations… Was it going to be in English? Will the trip cost a lot of money? Will I get stabbed in the face in LA? But in the end we knew that we had to do it. While I myself am not personally a huge fan of the whole Miku universe, and I know little to nothing about it… I did know that watching those live concerts on YouTube was something that captivated me greatly – almost to an obsession. This WAS a bucket-list thing for me, and I knew I had to go see Miku for myself in all her brilliance.


So it was with much trepidation that I boarded what I knew in my heart would be the last plane I ever boarded, for flying is a 100% certain death sentence. My only regret while boarding the plane in Calgary was that I would never see Miku live in concert. However, unbeknownst to me, the gods must have smiled on us for we somehow managed to land safely in LA. I seem to recall landing at around 2-ish and finally getting to our hotel at around 5-ish… because you know… Screw you LA? lol. I’m rambling… I could go on and on about how I hated every moment that I was in LA except for when I was at the concert, but that’s not what you’re here for… unless it is? In which case then you should talk to me directly on skype…


We arrived on Thursday, and the concert was on Saturday. I should mention that there was also an Expo that took place on Saturday and Sunday. This was also one of the main reasons we went, so that my sexy wife could cosplay as Miku for my enjoyment and the enjoyment of others, I suppose. We met someone in LA with super similar interests to me, and he actually made most of our experience in LA a lot better than it would have been, so I gotta give a shout out to Ben for making our experience so much nicer. Saturday morning he came to the Expo with us and, being a smart and savvy LA citizen, he realized that there would be a line to get in there and very much so saved our asses by lining up for us.


Once we were in, it was a mad dash to the Good Smile booth where we were able to procure our Hatsune Miku Nendoroid Halloween Version. The lines there were ungodly, and it was a relatively new experience for me, but frankly it was worth it. We got some good wall scrolls and our figurine, and I even bought some candy. There was a few things to do there… but it was super hot and we got everything we needed so we did not stick around much at all.



We also got to see some prototypes of upcoming Miku Figures!




However, that’s not really why we’re making a post about this. My main reason for making a post about this experience is to show you a few snaps of what was at the expo and to talk about the Miku concert… which… I must say, has been one of the best experiences of my life. Everything about it was perfect in every single way, except that I wish it was longer. We do not have pictures of the actual concert as cameras were not allowed in there, and we were only able to use our phones which took horrendous pictures. Here are a couple of them, or you can view all the images here… but frankly I would much rather just have any of you look at any of the YouTube videos of Miku from 2013 or on.




Anyways, all in all, if any of you have the chance to go see Miku live, please make sure you do. If possible, make sure you have a seat that is as close to the center of the venue as possible, as her projection does not look as good if you are viewing it from an angle. It will cause her to become more transparent. I wanted to mention that Dinara and I are going to be starting our reviews again shortly and that we will also be going to Japan again at the end of this year for Comiket, so you can expect a blog similar to what we did last time. We also do have something special planned in the coming month or so, and if it works out well it might become something a bit more common from us! So in closing, here is one of my favourite Miku songs, live from 2013!

To see more pictures of the Expo, visit the Gallery!

2 thoughts on “Hatsune Miku Expo 2014 in Los Angeles

  1. Hahaha! Your experience of L.A. is just too funny! I love LA, there is just so much to do there and so much good stuff to eat. Driving in LA sucks I guess with the traffic and all. Not like traffic is much better a bit south in Orange County where I live so I’ve always been used to it. Anyways seems like you had a good time!

    1. Yeah even with the traffic, I still had a decent time. The Expo and Concert were amazing and we got to meet a new friend Ben. 🙂 He took us to eat at a pizza place called Pieology. It was amazing, I wish Calgary had one!

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