Ami Ami Releases – December 16, 2014

New items that are up for preorder.


Trinity Seven – Mira Yamana -Swimsuit Ver. (w/Mini Wall Scroll)

Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Producer: N/A
Origins: Trinity Seven
Release Date: Late March 2015
Price: 8700 yen

Akiho Senomiya Nekomimi Mode Ver.

Manufacturer: FREEing
Scale: 1/8
Material: PVC
Producer: Kaoru Sakaki
Origins: Robotics;Notes
Release Date: Late December 2014
Price: 8740 yen

Real Action Heroes No.692 RAH Fate/stay night – Rin Tohsaka

Manufacturer: Medicon Toy
Scale: None
Material: PVC
Origins: Fate/stay Night
Release Date: Late July 2015
Price: 22,810 yen

mensHdge technical statue No.6 Hozuki no Reitetsu – Hozuki Regular Edition

Manufacturer: Union-Creative
Scale: None
Material: PVC , ABS
Producer: Keita Kawai
Origins: Hozuki no Reitetsu
Release Date: Late January 2015
Price: 9500 yen

New items that are in stock.


IS (Infinite Stratos) Shinonono Hoki Cover Illustration style

Manufacturer: Aquamarine
Scale: 1/7
Material: PVC
Producer: Yukiusa
Origins: IS (Infinite Stratos)
Release Date: Mid December 2014
Price: 12,700 yen

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