Japan Day 1


Well here we are again… Last time we came here we honestly did not think we would be coming back for a long loooong time… But somehow we have managed to make it here a second time and honestly there is plans to come a third time again.  This time however, we managed to come with some of my good friends.  Kyle and Derek.  While they don’t share the same extreme love of otaku culture that we do, they have a certain respect for it in ways and can appreciate it on another level….a more “normal” level if you will…I realize that there was very few pictures of Dinara and I last time but hopefully this time will be different… not just because we have friends to take the pictures… extremely camera-shy friends… but I also have come equipped with an epic beard!… ok well it’s not THAT epic but it is a beard…


The flight this time was actually pretty brutal… and I will say that this post will be short and sweet in a way.  I personally am quite sick but am feeling better and better as time goes by, hopefully tomorrow I’ll be 100%.  The airport is much the same as last time we came here 2 years ago, not much has changed.




Once we hopped on the Narita Express to Tokyo station we were ready to make our way to our hotel.  I was somewhat proud of my navigation skills getting us where we needed to go… Until… They failed us completely.  We were supposed to take the JR Train to Meguro station and then pop onto the metro for 1 stop and boom we’re at the hotel… sadly I took us to Mejuro station instead… This took us… Well not entirely in the wrong direction but with how sick and tired I was feeling as well as Dinara, this was a crippling blow. 



but in the end we did wind up getting to our hotel probably about 1 hour later than we should have.  A little bit of awesome Japanese hospitality and we were settled in and ready to…sleep.  We did run up to a 7-11 and snag some melon bread and some other random stuff.  Derek and Kyle of course buying the weirdest stuff I could probably think of…. I seem to recall a conversation about a pig next to a lump of cheese? I’m not sure… I was pretty tired at that point.  Needless to say, that essentially was our entire day.  Hopefully our next day will be more interesting and hopefully I start to feel 100% soon.  Thanks for reading everyone.

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