Japan Day 10


Today was the day.  We all knew it was coming and it was finally here.  Day 3 Comiket, the day whispered about in rumors with both awe and fear in the voices of all Otaku.  I want to publicly thank Derek and Kyle for helping us out, its a pretty well known fact that it is impossible to get all the things you want from Comiket let alone day 3 if you’re flying solo.  They stepped it up and offered to come help.  I tried to let them know how horrible it would be but none of my gentle dissuadtions were enough to stop them.  So thanks guys you helped out lots.

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We read all the blogs and appropriate guides for how to do this, the one thing that was resonant throughout all of them was, make sure you’re on the first train.  So we did, we got up at 4am and were at the station before 5am to make it on the first trains.  This… this was where we lost faith in all humanity.  I have never experienced anything so crowded in my life.  I know when I talked about Day 1 and I mentioned the human whirlpool it seemed like the end all be all.  This was…. well it wasn’t really AS bad as that but it was just oppressive.  Standing shoulder to shoulder back to back and front to front with thousands of people with barely enough room to breath for a VERY long time.  Waiting for the first train for almost 20 min.  Then when you get on the train it was like those videos some of you have seen in Japan of having the officials shoving ppl in just so the doors can close.  You know what? Fuck it? Here’s a video for all you that have not seen it here.  It was that bad, possibly worse.

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When we got there we were routed in some … really odd fashion and walked for a good 10-20 min until we were situated behind the convention center.  It was pretty cold about 2 degrees celsius, I mean… nothing we Canadians cannot handle really in fact that’s pretty darn warm to us in most cases… However we were sitting right next to the sea with a wind and the sun was not up for almost another hour.  We sat out there for about 3 and a half hours and after that length of time it starts to get cold.  This was the worst part of the Comiket I can honestly say.  When we finally got into the convention it was NOTHING like the first day.  All this bitching and whining I was doing before but once we were in? There was… by consideration of the first day, PLENTY of room.  It was still wall to wall shoulder to shoulder people but you could realistically move in a direction you wanted to go of your own volition. 


I was able to get over to Sayori Nekoworks which was my #1 stop and was able to get everything I wanted there.  The other guys were also able to hit up the booths I had asked them to get and we successfully acquired everything we CAME there to get.  Realistically we were not there for any of the super rare shit anyways we just wanted comic books and such.  This is pretty much a pic of all the stuff we got.  After we all got our stuff we met back at a Mcdonalds at about 12… at this point we had already been awake for 8 hours that day so everyone was pretty tired after what we went through.  So Dinara and I went back into Comiket by ourselves and stayed in the wake of it for about another hour and a half… It was totally worth it.



After we finally got back to the hotel after what felt like years, we decided to reward ourselves with some pizza.  Japanese pizza is well-known to be freaking weird and expensive but we saw a pizza hut nearby and neither of us felt like leaving the hotel.  We took our Surface Pro 3 downstairs to the receptionist and convinced him to help us order a pizza, it was pretty sweet.  The pizza itself was 30 bucks but it tasted pretty darn good.  Nothing special there folks just a “deluxe” the same kinda deluxe you would see back home in Canada.  I popped over to the Lawsons and snagged a few tall boy beers and smashed those back and we made a night out of watching japanese TV and laughing about how crazy Comiket was.  Kyle and Derek went out to a bar and presumably put a nail in the night pretty hard too since they have not talked to me yet and it’s almost 10:30am right now.  The last thing I heard from them was 800 yen pints and the bar had Canadian Draft beer…  I was pretty tempted to bounce over there but didn’t.

That’s our crazy day.  Not a lot of pictures or anything because we would have probably lost an arm or the camera trying to snap shots inside the convention center so I apologize for that.  Needless to say it’s basically a room filled with about 3000 booths, it’s nothing special.  Today is new years eve for us so we’re going to try to find some place to go to tonight to watch the fireworks and probably head over to Akiba to see if we can snag a few more doujins.  We’ll keep you all updated!

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