Japan Day 11

IMG_2304Japan day 11…. Jeez has it already been 11 days.  If this was our previous trip we’d be getting ready to come home in a few more days, thankfully this time we’re staying for 21 days.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to feel a little bit homesick by now and getting a little tired of all the stores and stuff being closed due to their holidays that started on the 28th and go until the 3rd.  However we’re still having a great time.  Today was a little bit of a down day mostly due to the holidays I was mentioning before.  Derek and Kyle are still trying to do stuff but it seems that every time they go somewhere that place is closed.

IMG_2341 IMG_2343 IMG_2346 IMG_2315 IMG_2326 IMG_2335

Dinara and I started off our day the same way we would everyday if left to our own devices.  We went to Akihabara.  Turns out there was very few things closed in Akiba at all ;).  I knew that this would be the case.  We hit up Mandarake and the Kotobukiya store and I have officially gotten everything from there that I wanted to get now.  Japan trip success! We’re ok to come home now.  It was actually pretty damn crowded around that area because there’s kind of a unofficial comiket day 4 in a lot of places there… We didn’t stick around too much.

IMG_2353 IMG_2351

Quick example of the kind of new years decorations we’re seeing a lot of the shops and stores putting out.  Today WAS new years eve so we had intentions of going to the main temple in Asakusa.  First we had to grab some food… from… whatever place was open… that wasn’t burger king because apparently I go there too much lol…

IMG_2373 IMG_2357 IMG_2360 IMG_2369

Off to the random place on the corner of the street.  We managed to explain to the servers that we couldn’t read the Kanji on the ticket machine so he busted out a partial english menu for us and assisted us with getting the right food.  Food was damn delicious I had curry overtop of some rice and some buckwheat noodles.  After we ate we were off to the temple.

IMG_2446 IMG_2392 IMG_2404 IMG_2407 IMG_2416 IMG_2421 IMG_2443

A little bit more of the same because we’ve already been here and taken some pictures before… but this time its nighttime and everything closed and its new years eve.  We didn’t spend a lot of time around here before since we knew that we would be back here for new years eve.  It was pretty cool, a lot like in the anime’s you watch when they’re having a festival.  There was shops all over the place selling food.  I finally got some taiyaki and Derek bought a bunch of random shit.

IMG_2433 IMG_2430

After we had a few things to eat we decided to do our prayers.  This was something Dinara and I were looking forward to, it’s just so iconic.

IMG_2475 IMG_2458 IMG_2460 IMG_2472

After kyle got a crushingly depressing fortune and tried to tie it to the thingy and it ripped showing even more bad luck… No I’m kidding heh we all had somewhat good fortunes.  I won’t go into the explanation of how this works but it was pretty cool.


And a random beer vending machine to set the pace for the rest of the night…. HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!

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