Japan Day 2


Welcome to-day 2 of our Japan trip, we decided to start today off with the breakfast of champions which is milk tea some kinda pringles and a piece of melon bread.  I’m not really sure how the champions we’re unaware of this breakfast, they were prolly not CC’d on the email or something… it’s OK it happens.

IMG_9745 IMG_9750

I of course am joking <_<… or at least I suppose I am sick Derek and Kyle decided we’re going to go to this place for breakfast.  We didn’t snap any shots inside because we kinda forgot to…  It was a pretty typical american style breakfast of strange Japanese style bacon and eggs and toast.  The day was started off pretty well.  Those interested, I’m definatly still sick but less sick than I was on the plane.

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So we decided we were going to make our way to a Japanese sword museum in the morning since that stuff is pretty damn cool.  We were off to find a new train line that we’ve never ridden before, the coveted Keio line.  Actually it really didn’t take us long at all the signs are always plentiful and written in romaji making it easy to navigate around if you know what you were doing.

IMG_9803 IMG_9796We came out at our stop at some place called… Tokyo Opera Palace if I recall correctly and there was a christmas tree and some weird statue that we snagged some pics of.  There was also a very cool water feature there which consisted of very still water over some rocks in a surprisingly large area.  We noticed some lights in there and we bet it would have looked spectacular at night. Here’s some shots.

IMG_9822 IMG_9815 IMG_9817 IMG_9820

Afterwards we wandered around for probably a good 20-30 min looking for our original reason for coming to this area… The sword museum and boy were we not disappointed.

IMG_9892Oh wait, yes we were.  How many internet nerds does it take to look up a website to see if a place is open?  apparently more than 3… Since this place was closed but we spent a good 45 min getting there, we decided that we would go to another place that was close by that we DID check to see was open.  Bunta Gakuen Costume Museum.  It basically featured ancient articles of clothing from a certain period of time and the techniques used in fashioning them.  It was actually quite interesting, however it was not in english so the knowledge we obtained from it was limited.  As I’m sure you can imagine, no pictures were allowed.

I am being informed that I am now slowing things down here, so I’m going to make the last half of this brief…  We were in Japan for about 24 hours at this point so the next choice of location was obvious.

IMG_9988 IMG_9989 IMG_9999 IMG_9974 IMG_9976 IMG_9977

Freaking Akihabara… whaaaat? Naturally.  How could we come to Japan and not visit the godland of Anime and Anime products so early.  We had to see Kyle and Dereks reaction to it.  We honestly didn’t spend a lot of time there but we did spend enough time to check out our favorite shops and see what was happening.  Goodsmile cafe apparently requires reservations now? So… Screw that.  Goodsmile cafe was awesome… but not “I don’t speak the language and I’m going to try to talk to someone and explain reservations to them” awesome.  So we putz’d around there for a while and headed back to the hotel.

We sat around in the hotel room checking locations around us for dinner and acquiced that we would eat in the hotels basement restaurant after long debates.  However upon arrival we were told they were full and we had to go elsewhere.  We quickly went to plan B which was a Japanese restaurant about 7 blocks away but quickly met with the same fate as plan A.  After that it was clear we needed better plan names so we executed plan Theta and it worked.  We ate at an Italian restaurant.  Honestly it was pretty sub par but at this point we really didn’t care Dani was so tired she was in full zombie mode and we didn’t really even get any pictures of it.  Again as previously mentioned ppl are waiting for me right now… So this is where I’m wrapping it up.  Thanks again for reading guys/gals I hope you enjoy our antics in Japan.


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  1. The pictures are beautiful would like to see your faces all of them Kyle Derek Dani remember lots family reading this email . Love it

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