Japan Day 3


Well day three started out much as any other day.  Waking up still feeling sickish but nothing full blow… coughing like an ignorant foreigner everywhere I go and trying futile to stop it… ugh.  We pretty much followed the same kinda flow as we did the previous day but this was our last day in Tokyo for this stint, we’re leaving for Osaka tomorrow.  Actually I’m writing this post while on the shinkansen FOR Osaka.  After eating at what became our usual breakfast place we went back to the hotel room and Derek outlined the plans for today.

IMG_0520 IMG_0516

Derek had decided that we’re going to a parasite museum today.  Which strangely everyone was really down for.  Naturally my instincts kicked in instantly so I subtly checked everyone’s necks for bite marks or any form of parasitic intrusions… This would not be some carefully laid out trap that would get me to join their ranks… oh ho… no no this was NOT going to be another LA trip.  Honestly it was pretty darn cool.  No pictures were allowed but Dani didn’t see the sign in time so … there’s 2 of them for ya.  We saw the worlds longest tape worm, I cannot recal if it was 9m or 8m but it was pretty darn long.


We were feeling pretty damn smug and cultured at this point, going to a museum and all so we figured that we would just go full bore and hop right on over to another museum.  This one was … a little weird.  I seem to recall the attendant advising us it was something… well… to quote her directly… “pictures of pictures”.  At which point we asked if we could take pictures of the pictures of pictures… and we were informed no.  Dani snapped one on the outside but that’s a darn good example of what it was.

IMG_0548 IMG_0545

We were making our way to lunch but we passed one of those super cute speciality coffee cafes that Dani and I saw all the time when we were here last time.  Dani and I don’t drink coffee so I made Derek and Kyle get one… That was the results.  Pretty freaking awesome.

 IMG_0556 IMG_0562

That Derek guy, wtf so freaking photogenic I don’t think he even knew she was taking that pic.  This is just us hanging out at lunch.  We stopped off in a place near Asakusa which was near a temple that we all wanted to visit.  Turns out it was the temple we’re going to go to for new years day so we didn’t really hang out there too too long.  The owner of this restaurant was pretty awesome, spoke fluent english and chatted us up while we were waiting.  As usual service was spectacular and the food delicious.

IMG_0600 IMG_0585 IMG_0588 IMG_0594

This was the senso-ji temple.  It was setup quite nice, there was a lot of stalls and… well… saying it like this I feel cheapens the experience… but the best way to describe the entrance way? Was like walking down the midway at the Calgary Stampede for friends and family of ours.  LOTS of vendors and games and just little things everywhere.  Again we really did not spend a lot of time around here on this as this was something we wanted to do on new years day.


We did see a cat cafe, which to the uninitiated is basically a giant room filled with 10-30 cats that may or may not choose to acknowledge your existence while you eat small cakes or cookies and have a coffee or juice for a certain amount of time.  We will most definitely be hitting one of these up and I was a little sad we were pressed for time and couldn’t visit this one…. I like to at least help support them.

IMG_0623 IMG_0613 IMG_0616 IMG_0617 IMG_0620

We were TRYING to get to the Tokyo Skytree so that we could be up top for sunset but the lineup for the place was over an hour long.  This however did not dissuade us we were pretty adamant about getting up there even if we were not going to be able to snag the top quality snaps we wanted.  What you just saw was us heading up to the building and some weird ass decorations they had. I’ll post some of the shots we got of the cityscape here… the gallery updates may come later… but they’ll come eventually

IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0631 IMG_0632 IMG_0637 IMG_0639 IMG_0656 IMG_0691IMG_0708

The last picture was pretty hilarious to be honest, some Japanese kid was pointing at it and looked all excited so Derek goes in there, I snapped a pic and then Dani ran in there and the look on the kids face… oh man.  Well this was basically our day here guys, it took a really long time to get all this done.  I know just looking at pictures and whatever makes it seem a little lacking… but I assure you, our pedometers are hitting WELL over 20k a day and some of the train rides are long.  Regardless we’re all enjoying ourselves greatly.. Derek wont let me eat Mcdonalds or other known american fast food chains =(.  As always, thanks for reading guys/gals.  Our next post will be pretty darn boring unless you want to see pictures of me sitting on a train typing what I am now.  Haha.

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  1. Hi guys, thanks for your pics and info it’s very interesting! Yes Derek is very photogenic and what was that you were eating on the plate below the guys pic? I know you mentioned this before but the idea of you two moving to Japan makes me kind of ??? I don’t know ugh!! Have a great Christmas Eve and Christmas! Love you guys!

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