Japan Day 4


Well today was the day that we went to Osaka, I mentioned previously that I wrote the other post while on the train, so now I suppose it’s going to be a little weird going back to the start of the day…. but TOAST!  That place always gave us massive toast, it was like texas toast sized thickness…  Also yes we did drink melon soda everyday for breakfast there.

IMG_0740 IMG_0745 We slowly made our way to the station with… not a lot of time left to spare to be honest.  There was a period when we thought we might miss our train but with the efficiency of the Japanese train system we got there with plenty of time to spare.  This really was a pretty uneventful day as the train ride to Osaka takes about 4 hours if I recall?  Maybe it was only 3… But whatever.


Not 100% sure but I believe this was Mt.Fuji as we were leaving Tokyo.  Originally I didn’t snap the shot because it was going to be through the window… but I knew I had to at least try, it turned out alright.


This is our hotel room for our stay in Osaka.  This is what our hotel will be like for MOST of our trip.  When we were booking our hotels back in may I was told that I was not allowed to spend more than 150$ a night on a hotel room so we were unable to acquire any rooms that were like our first trip….

IMG_0786 IMG_0788 IMG_0790 IMG_0793

Once we got there we went through to the area that Dani and I remembered from our last trip to check out some of the stuff we saw last time.  Not a heck of a lot had changed.  We jumped into a place there to get some food had a few drinks and then went home and talked about what we were going to do tomorrow.  Which was hiroshima…. which is where I am currently on my way to right now.  Another post from the shinkansen =p.  While this is a long train ride I really don’t have any content to put into this post since we didn’t do a heck of a lot yesterday.  So this is where we’re going to be wrapping it up.  Tomorrow will probably also be a smaller post due to our travel time for Hiroshima.

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