Japan Day 5


Firstly a late merry xmas to everyone who reads our site.  Christmas was yesterday for us and it’s still early morning here while it’s almost 8pm back in our home town while I type this so most likely anyone who reads this will read it after Xmas.   Today I have been left to my own devices, abandoned if you will to the hotel room with strict instructions to get better.  We have all decided the reason why this cold of mine is not going away has something to do with walking around in 6 degree weather all day… So I’ll take a day of rest and write-up this post at my leisure.

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Today was the day we were going to Hiroshima.  This was something that we still were not 100% sure if we were going to do or not until we finally decided we would.  The timing and such seemed like it might be a problem before but once we actually sat down and looked we realized it would be crazy easy.  Sadly we did know this would sink basically a whole day due to travel time.  The train ride was much the same as the first one.  Something we did differently this time vs the first time Dani and I were in Japan is we pre-reserved our seats.  We’re going to Tokyo again on the 27th and we’ve actually already reserved those seats for the shinkansen as well already.  Train ride was pretty standard, I wasn’t feeling awesome so I did the post and managed to sleep a bit, Dani played 3DS Kyle studied and Derek read a book, so much excitement!

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So the whole point of us going to Hiroshima as some of you might have guessed would be to see the Peace Museum.  I was a little leery about going there because I’ve heard stories that it will basically just make you ashamed and sad.  Turns out this basically was the case.  It is a good piece of the earths history to see with your own eyes and I wouldn’t say it’s overly dramatic or anything, it’s actually pretty straightforward and to the point.  They don’t try to play the victims or anything, they really just push the disassembly of the worlds nuclear arsenal.  When you consider what a relatively small bomb did to this place, it would be horrifying to consider the destruction a modern one would cause.  I would go into more detail but honestly? This is not really what our site is about we love keeping things happy and upbeat and cute, however I felt that this still needed to be displayed and spoken about briefly.  Of course I would urge anyone who came to Japan to visit this place as it is a sobering experience.

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Here’s some pics of us mostly because everyone complains there is no pictures of us… I am the one in the middle.  THERE! ARE YOU ALL HAPPY NOW!?  … The sun was in our eyes for the pic….

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We had some time to kill before our train back to Osaka, so we hit up this place for lunch.  They had a crazy good beer selection that we totally didn’t take advantage of because it was lunch… who do you think we are?…  We managed to get our server to explain to us the size differences.  In Canada a pint is a pint… In Japan places have different sizes of beer ranging from small to … extreme? or boot? I guess this place had? Haha.  So we always were like Mitsu Namabiru kudasai which just means 3 Draft Beer please.  To which they would then always ask us which size… and then we’d look like stupid foreigners again… so I finally cracked and got her to tell me how to pronounce all their sizes =p. 

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This stuff was kind of neat, turns out we missed a pretty good rain while we were in Hiroshima but when we got back to Osaka station they had a Xmas festival going in full swing.  It was kind of heartwarming to see it all to be honest…. I am a pretty big Christmas guy and I was/am pretty torn up about missing Xmas with my family back home.  So it was nice to see this kinda stuff.  Oh by the way, that’s not real ice.  It’s the fake ice stuff they put down that’s just a slick sheet of some slippery material that mimics ice… pretty cool still <_<.

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And so we come to the end of our day and our fantastic Xmas dinner.  We found a TGI Fridays restaurant and I insisted we go there for dinner.  It was alright nothing special, we had tableside guacamole made by a really nice Japanese hostess that lived in Sask for half a year… We all felt sorry for her since it can be BRUTALLY cold there.  She was so happy to see some Canadians however and was ecstatic to talk to us about Calgary and her experiences there… It’s always nice to meet Japanese people who came to Canada.  Well folks… I’m going to wrap it up here for today… The next day will have to come word of mouth from Dani and my friends since I will not be present for most of their day… Hopefully they’re all having a good time… pretty soon Dani and I will be heading back to Tokyo solo to prepare for Comiket! Which was the entire reason we came at this time of year! yayyyyy!

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