Japan Day 6


 Hello everyone, today I am writing about our day. As Bloodfrost said yesterday, he was told to stay in the hotel and get better so we went adverturing without him. The two places we went today was the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living and the Osaka Castle.


 On the way to the museum we came across a super market with bicycle parking. It still amazing me how many bicycles there are in Japan. It took us a little bit to find the museum. The museum itself is a replication of old Osaka during the Edo period, so we were looking for a stand alone building or an actual sectioned off street, but it was actually on the 8th floor of a high-rise.

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In the museum there were about 20 replicate houses and shops, most of them you were not allowed to go into to, but they were open enough that you could look into them. They also had an option to dress up in kimonos and yukatas like they did in the Edo period, but we opted out of that.

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There was a lot of interesting things to see and learn about. They talked about how in the edo period a successful man would leave the house to become an apprentice when he was 13, become a master and open his own shop by 23 and then work for 20 years before retiring.

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The second part of the museum was filled with miniature versions of Osaka over the years. There were all highly detailed and some of them even moved. It gave you a really good idea on how the city has changed since the Edo Period.


After that we took the subway over to Osaka castle, unfortunately the main gate was under construction. There was a tarp covering the whole thing so I didn’t bother taking any photos of it.

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The castle grounds were really beautiful, but I feel like the experience was ruined a bit because there were tons of food trucks and booths around. It lost a lot of the appeal I find.

IMG_1326 IMG_1285 IMG_1305

The castle itself has been turned into a museum dedicated to Hideyoshi who took over the Osaka castle back in the Edo Period after Oda Nobunaga’s death. Apparently the castle itself had burnt down like three times because of various wars and once from being hit by lightning.  It was pretty cool learning more about this time, but personally a lot of this history has been warped by anime for me. Thanks Sengoku Basara. 😛

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In the evening we went back to get Bloodfrost and then the four of us headed over to a restaurant we went to during our first trip! Cafe Absinthe! Unfortunately, it looks like the had switched owners. They no longer had their awesome art pieces, but their drinks and pizza were still great!

Bloodfrost and I are currently on the Shinkansen heading back to Tokyo to get ready for Comiket which starts tomorrow, it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow, but we are both excited to go. Stay tuned!

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