Japan Day 7


Time to give everyone what they come to this blog for… graphic art of an oversized phone murdering a cat!  We all knew it was going to come down to this…. and here we are.  You all said I was crazy BUT LOOK WHOS CRAZY NOW!…  Ok today was not very eventful haha, we made our way to Tokyo again which takes like 3 hours and a lot of sitting around and waiting.  We got to our hotel at about 3pm and I’m actually writing this post not even 5 hours later because tomorrow Dinara and I are going to Comiket for the first day!

IMG_1405 IMG_1383 IMG_1389 

We decided it might be a good idea to check stuff out beforehand so we have a lay of the land so to speak.  We rolled over to the area from the hotel room using the same method that we will be using at 5am the next day just to see how easy it was.  It was pretty darn easy…  Once we got there we wandered around and I must say… I’m not surprised … I’m actually shocked at the scope of this place.  It is freaking huge.  To see something with this much wide open space and area that’s just so vast in Japan is… surprising.

IMG_1414 IMG_1410 IMG_1411

Afterwards we went to a place called Coco’s for dinner.  It was all about hamburg steaks and stuff.  It was pretty freaking good.  That puck you see on my plate is actually super heated and is used for me to sear the meat when I cut it off… Then I can sear the edges and cook it to whatever I want since it came quite rare.  Pretty awesome experience TBH.  Dinara’s food came in a tinfoil bag… nuff said.


That’s it for today folks… suuuuper short and simple we almost forgot that we even had to do a post tonight before comiket since we’re leaving so darn early in the morning… Lets leave it off with some random pictures of a Lawson’s that was right next to comiket…

IMG_1417 IMG_1420 IMG_1422 IMG_1423 IMG_1415

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