Japan Day 8

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Today was the day folks, it was the first day of Comiket.  Frankly all I can say… human whirlpool.  Dinara and I went into the company booth section to see if there was some swag we could get and like… I’ve never been in a more packed environment in my life.  We didn’t even try to take a picture there would of been a good chance we could of lost our camera from all the jostling and suchforth.  Our time in Japan has shown us that Japanese ppl while very crowded have always enjoyed their personal space, no one ever intentionally pushes or bumps into you.  This… was way different.  Its hard to explain short of saying you are shoulder to shoulder the entire time and all that changes is how much pressure there is on you.  Bag crushing pressure, almost being knocked off your feet pressure or just someone up against you.  The human whirlpool I refer to happened in the middle… When we found ourselves in a crossroad of people and were literally stuck in there for about 3-4 min doing small circles because it was impossible to break through.

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Once we managed to get out of that area, we made our way into the cosplay pictures area completely by accident.  Dinara was like “it would be nice to snap some cosplay pictures” and then suddenly we were there.  It was kind of cool but it also had its own sense of anarchy.  She wanted to stay longer but these kind of conventions are the worst kind of conventions for me.  Day 3 has all of the products I plan on purchasing and while we did see a few things we wouldn’t have minded having?  I really don’t want to spend the money on things that expensive.  We moved on with our day, we’re going to pop in their today so that Derek and Kyle can see the building and prep for tomorrow… Tomorrow is the serious day.


We made our way back to the hotel and hung around waiting for Derek and Kyle since we figured they would have taken the 11am Shinkansen out of Osaka just like we did.  Sure enough they showed up at the hotel maybe 30 min after we did so we rolled down to Chococro and got some coffee and this random pastry… it was freaking delicious.

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We figured at this point we should make our way to Ikebukero.  We wanted to hit up the pokemon center there and try to snag some of those adorable pikachu charizard plushies.  Sadly they were sold out, I surprised myself a little bit with how disappointed I was.  I’m not the biggest pokemon fan….. but these things were cuteness on a seriously different level and charmander IS my favorite pokemon… Call me a purist I love one of the original 3.

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There was another place in the sunshine city mall where the pokemon store was called J World which housed all the super popular shounen jump series.  It cost us 8 bucks to get into it but it was totally worth it.  There was so much cool stuff with all of these animes in here.  I could and should seriously just make this post like 800 pictures buuuuut that would prolly getting pretty weak pretty fast.  So assuming we get the gallery updated I would advise everyone who cares about shounen to take a quick peak in there for some of the cool stuff there was.

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Derek was pretty excited about going to this restaurant.  It was on his massive list of things he wanted to do and it just so happened that we were standing right beside it when we left the mall.  Prison theme restaurant with a lot of cooky food and drinks.  It was like a dark maze to get into the place, we actually almost gave up until Derek busted out the flashlight on his phone.  When we got in there we were greeted by a prison inmate serving a table while a waitress dressed in sexy warden cloths took out a cap gun and shot him like 12 times while he fell over feigning death.  Lots of japanese things shouted into a megaphone throughout.  It was pretty interesting…. kinda odd…

Afterwards we hit up a pub near our hotel and had a few draft beer, hit up the lawson on the way back and snagged a few more beer and drank in the hotel room til we went to bed.  It was a pretty productive day all said and done.  Derek and Kyle are standing here patiently waiting for me to finish this… so I’m going to wrap it up here now.

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