Japan Day 9

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I swear to god it just seems more and more like I’m just spamming pictures every post now… But I’m sure that everyone enjoys pictures more than words so I don’t think I’ll be breaking the trend.  Today we went to Odaiba and to the Diver city mall to go see the giant Gundam.  The mall itself is pretty huge and built like you would see any Canadian/American mall… Most people I know would probably really enjoy their time in there.  It’s really becoming evident that everyone is on break now because A LOT of areas are just totally packed full of people.  Special “timed sales” are really popular around this time of year.

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We decided to be different… Since we were right by the water the whole time we thought we would take a boat over to Asakusa.  It was a pretty darn long boat ride and a little expensive at 14 dollars each… But honestly it was pretty darn cool.  When the boat pulled up I assumed we bought a trip to mars or something.  Was nice to do something a little different

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Couple more random shots of stuff from the boat… It was actually raining a bunch today but we came prepared we all had brought umbrellas.

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Somehow we managed to get back to Akihabara… not sure how <_<…  Dinara and I went to mandarake and actually bought a figurine this time.  It’s pretty rare to see a figurine we want but it was a “native” figurine which you have to go to extraordinary lengths to get into Canada as they’re basically all exclusives now.  We knew if we did buy one or two it would be from that line so this isn’t surprising.  We spent most of our time here in the Sega arcade… My god I felt kinda old in there, not from my age but from my ignorance of the freaking totally awesome games in there.  There was so much and they looked so involved…  There was a lot of games I would have loved to try but just looking at them I was like… ummmm…. That looks like it has a huge learning curve haha.


Well we have a super early day tomorrow, we have to wake up at 4am so we can get to comiket, this time we’re dragging Kyle and Derek along to wait in line for us.  So you all get an early post this time!  That’s it however… short and sweet we didn’t do a lot today.  Thanks again for reading.

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