New Website and more!

Hey Everyone, you might have wondered what happened to us after our Miku Expo trip. Don’t worry you haven’t lost us yet. As you can see we gave the website a new make over, I hope the site runs smoothly for everyone on their computers.


We had switched over to a new host about a month ago because we were no longer happy with the service our old provider gave us. So hopefully the site has been running a little faster for you guys. And since we did the switch we thought, why not give the whole website a make-over as well?

But it wasn’t just the website we were working on either. We were also getting ready for our next big trip to Japan! We leave December 20th to go back to the motherland!


Some things we are planning to do there is attend Comiket 87, check out the new Pokemon Center in Tokyo and the Attack on Titan exhibit.

And of course we will spend plenty of time in Akiba looking at all those wonderful figures, and other anime goodies. 😉

We will be posting each day a summary of our trip like we did last time, so I hope you guys enjoy it! During this time I will not be posting the figure releases each morning, forgive me!

When we come back from Japan we are also going to host a give away! So exciting! Who will it be? I am not telling! You’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the new year!

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