Japan Day 12


Well this very well may be the most boring post that i’ve had to write yet.  We really didn’t do anything at all today… well I suppose that’s a lie.  We knew that on Jan 1st in Japan there would be a lot of stuff closed but we had no idea what the extent would be.  It was seriously like a ghost town in the area we were staying in and we eventually just wound up going to Burger King for lunch… which pleased me but seemed to disappoint everyone else heh.  The hotel we were staying at had a small lotto thing for the new years, all guests were given a card and if you won or your number was drawn then you would get a 5 dollar gift card for all the local convenience stores… Kyle won =p.  I think he used it on beer.

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We went back to the hotel room afterwards and just relaxed.  Derek finally snapped however and decided that we needed to do SOMETHING … ANYTHING.  So he let us know he was gonna try to hit up a park… I think we all knew that the park was going to be closed since they had already experienced parks being closed… but it was a park… why would you close a park right?  Wrong, park was closed.  It was gated off and closed… a park…  Ah well it worked, we got out of the hotel for a bit and walked around.  We saw a few neato things on the way and we went back to akihabara.

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Dinara had decided that we had to get a PS Vita and since there was timed new years sales, we figured if there was anytime to get one, it would be now.  So we went back over to akiba to check out some of the electronic stores and got a pretty darn good deal on a bundle.  We also found one of those WiiU Pikachu controllers that are only available in Japan as well and we knew that if we saw one of them here, we would definitely snag one… so add that to our random collection of Japanese anime stuff.  Afterwards we went back to the hotel and we snagged a few beers and played super smash brothers on our 3DS’s for about 3 hours and went to bed.  We’re on our way to Kyoto right now as I type this, riding the shinkansen.  This is basically all we did that day… pretty boring… but ah well.  We shall see what the next day brings.

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