Japan Day 13


Hello boys and girls again.  Today we had a most interesting day… in that it was completely not interesting at all heh.  Today was the day we were heading to Kyoto so we woke up and caught our 10:33 train.  We expected to be in Kyoto with enough time to do a few things since most temples and shrines tend to close in the very early evening…  However mother nature apparently had other plans for us.  The Shinkansen was delayed pretty badly due to snow.  There was actually a pretty damn fair amount of snow on the ground, I’d say maybe 3 inches? 4?  The weather outside was nice though so it was all melting pretty darn fast, just not fast enough to allow our shinkansen to go full speed heh.

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With all the snow it almost felt like home.  We hopped off the train at Kyoto station and took another connecting train to Nijo station from which we walked about 1.5 km in the slush to our hotel.  That was not actually really all that fun… We’re used to the walking but there was most definitely a lot of slush.

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The hotel itself was pretty swanky, well worthy of a few pictures and letting you guys see them.  We were pretty used to staying in budget hotels but I did know that closer to the end of our trip the hotels were getting cheaper due to new years being over so we kinda spoiled ourselves a little bit.  I personally think its worth it, at this point of our trip our bags are heavier and it’s just flat out nicer to have the extra room in the rooms to relax…. since as I’m sure you all guessed from previous posts… EVERYTHINGS STILL CLOSED!!!! YAAAYYYYYY.

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So with everything closed and nothing to do, naturally we took to wandering the streets.  We wanted to try to find something to eat but again almost everything we saw was closed.  So instead we wandered and wandered and found a new snowman about every block or so in front of the stores.  We figured they were picture worthy as well so we snapped shots of them.


In the end we popped into a 24 hour udon noodle place and just got something to eat there.  It definitely tasted like what you would expect from a 24 hour udon noodle place haha but it wasn’t bad.  After eating we went back to the hotel and stopped off at 7-11.  I was able to buy some more melon soda which I’m sure all the guys are sick of hearing my complain about and we snagged some snacks and beers.

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We kicked around at the hotel for awhile and looked at stuff in the hotel, it’s pretty big here and I believe we have 8 restaurants inside here?  So after killing some time we decided to hit the cheaper of them all and got some Wagyu beef hamburgers.  They were pretty good but were about 20 bucks each.  We scarfed those down and had a few drinks with dinner then went up to the hotel room to listen to some music and drink a few more beers.  That’s about it for that day… pretty boring all said and done.  I have just been informed that Nijo castle which we’re basically staying across the street from is STILL closed and will be tomorrow as well…  We’ll see how well today goes… Thanks for stopping by and reading everyone.

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