Japan Day 14

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Day 14, wow has it already been that long for us.  It really doesn’t seem that long at all, on our last trip by about day 9 or 10 I was starting to feel crippling homesick and missing my cats, I suppose it’s helping that Derek is keeping us all busy.  Today Dani and I slept in so Kyle and Derek left without us so I have lots of time to write this post heh.  We did do a fair amount of stuff yesterday, it seems like things are finally starting to open again or at least we just went to shrines that were open the whole time.  We started the day by trying to get a taxi to one of the harder to reach shrines but we were told by hotel staff that none of the cabs were showing up and most companies weren’t answering the calls due to the snow and road conditions.  Yeah it was a real dump of snow that happened overnight, even we were impressed.  With nothing else to do, we headed towards the metro where we got adorably cute daypass’s.


This is what we had to walk up to get to the temple.  We tried something new actually, getting to this road we took a bus.  The bus was pretty typical only difference between our method and theirs is you pay as you leave the bus.  It was a pretty long hike up this road, it was a little amusing to watch the cars and people trying to go up and down it because it was actually pretty damn slick.  It probably took us a good 15-20 min of walking to arrive at our first temple.


It was pretty much what you would expect from a Japanese temple… very much so a temple.  admittedly this reaaaallly isn’t Dani and my thing, we like cute anime things and you really don’t see much of that at a temple at all…. buuuut we did say we would do more “touristy” stuff this time around.


I’m not sure why but I got he biggest kick out of these statues.  It looks like a cat that got something thrown on his face and is just like GAH!…. it reminds me of… no wait let me just go find it…  Here that’s what it reminds me of.  There’s a few gifs on the internet with that kinda stuff as well… but yeah.

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So yeah, there’s a bunch of snaps of stuff in the temple, there was a few pretty darn nice views of the town of Kyoto, as I mentioned we did have quite the hike to get up here.  There was a lot of people here as this time since it was new years…ish?  They were also selling those little charms you can buy that help ward off bad spirits or just bring general good luck to you in certain aspects.  I was a little surprised honestly to see the amount of … I don’t want to say “commercialism” but I mean, it was a temple… a place of worship, not a place to peddle your fake little charms.  Also we had to pay to visit the shrine which I suppose is a necessary demon but it did bother me a little bit that they were Hocking those charms pretty hardcore…. Everyone bought one except me FYI.


People complain there’s not enough shots of Dani and I… so there u go, here’s one.

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After we finished with that shrine, Derek suggested that we go see another shrine… yayyyyy….  This one cost 6 dollars to go into and you were not allowed to take pictures.  Ok ok ok I complain but in actuality the shrine itself was pretty freaking cool.   The inside of the shrine, the area you’re not allowed to take pictures of had like, hundreds of these statues.  I honestly didn’t really care enough to read into it but seeing them all was pretty neat.  By this point of the day things were really starting to heat up in Kyoto.  The snow was in full melt everywhere and because of how everything in Japan is built up? It basically ment there was very few places on the sidewalk where you could walk without being dripped slush or ice cold water on your head.IMG_2869

After that shrine Dani and I had enough of them, Kyle and Derek left to go to another shrine that honestly was PROBABLY very cool and actually on my list of want to see’s… but apparently there is like a 1 hour climb to get there and through the slush and snow that was just not something I felt like doing.  So we all agreed to meet up at the cat cafe after they were done.  This cat cafe was special in the sense of… well you can read pictures. Incoming wall of cat pictures!

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After we did all that, we headed back to the hotel and found a coin laundry place and did all of our laundry, it was so exciting that we forgot to take pictures of it.  The laundry place was literally a hole in the wall with 3 washer/dry combo’s and 4 dryers.  Not sure how the math on that adds up? But ok Japan.  While we waited for our cloths to clean themselves we went over to a resturant and ate some delicious food.


I ordered the giant plate of curry with hamburg steak and a bit of cheese.  Be forwarned Dani’s plate is significantly smaller than it appears, you could actually almost fit 3 of hers inside mine… Also I had a juice box… it was delicious.  That’s it for today guys/gals a busy day curated by Derek himself.  Thanks for reading have a good one.

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