Japan Day 15

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Well, doing the post a bit early this time because tomorrow we have a pretty full day and I don’t want to wake up early enough to do the post and since we’re doing nothing right now, what better time eh?  Today was a pretty minor day, I don’t think Dinara and I went farther than 3 blocks from the entire hotel… no wait, that’s a lie we did go to Kyoto station to book our shinkansen seats.  Other than that, we hit up a ramen place that she was chomping at the bit to eat at… Naturally I was skeptical because if its not Mcdonalds then it’s probably something weird I wont like.  However since Derek and Kyle clearly didn’t agree with our sleeping in until 10:30 and left without us, we kind of kept it a low key day.  For the record, the ramen was freaking amazing.  It was one of the best things I have ever had while in Japan… and I’ve had melon bread here people…  I suppose today was a pretty damn good food day because what comes next is pretty epic.

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We took the shuttle that our hotel so graciously provided for all of its guests that takes you directly to and from the Kyoto station.  Something that would of been REAAALLLY fucking nice to know when we first arrived here instead of trudging through the snow and slush with our bags.  We saw a few cool things on the way there and at the station… also WE SAW MORE CATS ON THE ROAD OMG CATS!… Derek shook his head and slowly walked away as the 2 cats we saw garnerd our immediate and full attention.  To our credit, they were pretty cute…  However next up was something that Dinara and I didn’t do last time we were in Japan which was a source of supreme regret… Kobe Wagyu Beef…

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As you can see our chef brutally murdered 4 prawns that were alive while he tortured them to death with a stick through them.  Derek Kyle and Dinara assured me they’re twitching was just because they were already dead… but we all know Vlad wouldn’t let them go down that easy.  As a side note, I do not like any shellfish and if meat didn’t taste so damn good I would easily be a vegetarian.  I verymuch so dislike the suffering of animals, unless they piss me off, I could eat like 20 monkeys and not care.  Anyways we had a pretty fucking awesome chef, he was white as you can see, had a great sense of humor and was from Britain.  He has lived here for 9 years and married a Japanese wife.  They lived in england until they both decided to come here.


After burning our poor prawns alive he finally cut off their heads giving them a… well it wasn’t a swift death, they were fucking burned alive…. you’re all monsters…

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While he was murdering our prawns in cold blood he was also cooking some veggies and some fish.  The fish was fresh and was probably murdered in the back shortly before it was brought out, however it was probably given a swift death and also I didn’t have to witness it so naturally it was fucking delicious.


This was the end result of the madness… I’m told it was delicious but I ate my pumpkin pieces and nibbled the prawn because I was told I MUST try it and also I didn’t want to be rude.  Honestly it tasted alright but I still don’t really care for prawns so I passed it off to Dinara… WHO FEASTED ON THE FLESH OF THE POOR CREATURE THAT SUFFERED SO GREATLY AT THE… ok ok i’ll shut up haha.

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At this point we were given a salad with some kind of weird… dipping sauce? We were told that was for the steak it was alright.

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Probably a few too many pictures here but I wanted to show you the phases in which this was delivered to us.  He took great care in cooking it and cutting it and stacking it neatly on our plates.  He gave us a miso sauce and a pile of salt as well.  The miso sauce was a little sweet and I didn’t care for the pairing but I verymuch did enjoy having the salt on the steak.  There was also a slice of onion topped with eggplant that he was cooking during the prawns and other things.  The steak of course was delicious… Now … let me be clear here.  Dinara and I and Derek and Kyle, we’re all from Alberta in Canada… Alberta beef is pretty damn good, Wagyu Kobe is supposed to be the best and I will not deny it was in fact the best steak I have ever eaten.  I will say however, I was a little disappointed that it was not OVERWHELMINGLY the best steak I have ever had.  If ever given the choice it would be the clear winner but I will say this now that the meal for 4 of us, cost 683$ and we only got 100g of steak each.  Granted it was like an 8 course meal and all of the other food was exceptionally good and very expensive so we all said that the steak portion of the meal would probably be worth about 70-80 dollars.

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After the steak we were given some sprouts and mushrooms with a sauce which was again…damn freaking good.  Then some miso soup and pickled veggies and rice.  I passed on the miso soup I have never really enjoyed it and I wanted to keep the taste of the beef in my mouth longer without diluting it with something as powerful as miso soup.

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Lastly was our dessert which was basic.  It was vanilla ice cream and strawberries in a strawberry sauce.  Super basic, super delicious.  This was the end of our meal, we stuck around a bit and talked to the chef who seemed genuinely happy to have us to talk to.  We’re not the super fancy kinda crowd that rolls in there, despite the fact we all dressed up sharp…which…we never photographed despite my constant mental reminders that we were going to…dammit… sorry mom/dad u don’t get to see us all done up in Japan haha.  We brought nice cloths specially for this night… ah well…


And what better way to close off the night then to have a nice scotch with one of those Japanese huge balls of ice floating in it.  Again something I have always wanted to do, Derek and I normally drink our scotch with no water and no ice because… well… that’s the way you should drink a good scotch.  However we had to experience the huge ball of ice at least once.  Overall our experience with Wagyu was what I was expecting, everyone says it melts in your mouth but honestly, I have had a 40$ tenderloin steak that did the same thing.  Wagyu was superior in every single way I can imagine, taste, texture, smell… price.  I could have had 3 EXCELLENT steaks for the price of what my dinner was tonight if I am ever in Japan again and I crave a GOOD steak? I know where to look… however if i was offered the best steak I can think off in Calgary where we live, for the price it would be there? Vs some Wagyu for the price I paid tonight? I would take my Alberta beef.  Again I will state… The steak I ate tonight is by far, the best steak I have ever had in my life, both in preparation and care and taste in every aspect, the best.  The price point however leaves much to be desired and while I do not question if it was worth it? I do question if it would be worth it again.  All 4 of us knew full well it would be 150$ each min for our Wagyu night and we budgeted accordingly.

Wow lots of rambling in this one guys… I will leave it at that! Thanks for reading have a good one!

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  1. Oh would have loved to see u guys all dressed up ,,, the pics of the food where awesome really looked delicious . The price wow !!! Could see little less of the f word .. Tks

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