Japan Day 19


Well today was a bit of a slower day, we knew it would be, we didn’t have a lot of time to do the things we wanted to do.  We got to our hotel at about 2pm and it’s a pretty darn nice hotel.  We looked around our rooms a bit and then took off to do what we could for the day.

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Our hotel was over in Shinjuku, which was nice and bad in a way.  Nice because it was close to the sword place we wanted to check out and also because the Psycho Pass scanner was there for like… 2 weeks.  Anyone that knows the anime knows whats up but for those that don’t.  Basically it is sort of like the movie minority report where it can in a sense predict future crimes and stop you.  There is a system that measures your crime index which is essentially your instability, like when someone bumps you and your first thought is “sorry” or “I want to murder you”.  If you are over 100 then you will be arrested by the police and possibly go to jail and receive counseling, if you’re over 200 I think it was? You are a kill onsite.  It was a pretty cool anime.  Dinara was 15, Kyle was 96 and I was 98, I cannot remember what Derek was.

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After that we went over to Harajuku to see the evangelion store that we saw last time we were here.  Sadly apparently it was permanently closed, it still exists somewhere? Just no longer in Toyko.  Making the best of a bad situation we just kind of hung around there and Dinara bought a full suit fleecy PJ set that was pretty cute….  Honestly after that we got some dinner at a cheap beef bowl place went back and had some drinks and went to bed.  It was a pretty short day.  Today is looking to be a bit better but I doubt we’ll be able to take any pictures of things at the places we’re going so…  We’ll see though!  Sorry for the short post thanks for stopping by.

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