Japan Day 20


Start off the day with a balanced breakfast of chokocro is what some famous person somewhere has said and so we obliged.  Not a super crazy day today as I am sure everyone was expecting, we did a few fun things but we did not get to the sword place.  We actually just got back from it now… but that’s for tomorrows post… if I do one tomorrow, I may not since we’re leaving tomorrow… depends if we got some downtime and internet.  I shall start us off with the attack on titan exhibit!

IMG_3959 IMG_3963 IMG_4018 IMG_4020

This is a very popular anime in Japan, Dinara and I watched it, while I was not a huuuuge fan of the series, I will definitely say that it was unique.  The Level of violence in this anime is … well it’s not really on another level but it is pretty graphic at times.  The exhibit was pretty neat, they actually DID allow you to take pictures which came as a nice surprise.  I do not have a lot to say about this so I will just post a few pictures.

IMG_4032 IMG_4063 IMG_4067 IMG_4082 IMG_4093 IMG_4136 IMG_4150 IMG_4173 IMG_4125

This was basically the whole thing we did with our day.  We did go over to the area where they make the plastic food for the stores to display and we did buy a few little things there but that was about it.


Ramen for lunch… which was sorta starting to become a staple heh…

IMG_4187 IMG_4191

We did go to Shibuya because Derek wanted to see the busy crossing… Other than that, this blog is getting preeeetty lazy haha.  The guys are waiting for me, we’re going to hit up Akiba and go to the arcades there and play some games.  That was it for yesterday… again I do not know if we will be making a post for tomorrow because all we did was go to the sword place and akiba and no pictures were allowed in the sword museum…  Either way, we’re going to be heading back home soon!

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